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Going on a first date with a person you like can make any man feel nervous and apprehensive. Even though he might seem cool and composed on the outside, there are probably a million things running through his mind.

However, dating anxiety isn’t restricted to just men. It was found that 58% of men and women between 21-30 years of age feel anxious about their first dates. But when you’re finally meeting your partner somewhere, as a man, there are certain things you have to keep in mind.

1. Listen actively

This should be the most important thing on your list. When you’re out with them, don’t get distracted by your phone or background noises.

Listen actively to what the other person is saying, even though you might not understand everything or find a few parts boring. This shows them that you respect their stories and are a good listener.

Moreover, this will also give you quite a few insights into what kind of a person they are. Don’t be afraid to ask a few questions here and there to further prove that you’re an active listener. But yes, make sure the questions aren’t inappropriate or too personal.

2. Smell good

Even if you’re a well-mannered human being, someone who smells bad on their date can be a major turn-off. So remember to wear clean, ironed clothes and put on some perfume. If the date is in a fancy place, you can try out luxury fragrances like Gucci perfume.

But that isn’t always necessary. The main idea is to smell clean, rather than focusing on the smell of expensive deodorants. Take a bath, wash with soap, and shampoo if necessary.

Even if you don’t like to put too much effort into your appearance or fashion, you should do the bare minimum of cleaning up decently in a hygienic manner.

3. Be mindful of touchiness

Most men feel that touching their dates implies that they are interested in them. While it’s fine to get a little physical, make sure you don’t do anything to cause the other person embarrassment or discomfort.

Remember, consent is the most important thing. If this is your first date, be mindful of how much you touch them and whether they actually like it or not. Try to keep things to a minimum and make sure your actions are friendly and warm, not creepy.

For example, you may hold their hand or put your hands on their shoulder in a crowded place. Touching is natural but overdoing it can go terribly wrong and make you look bad.

4. Don’t start interviewing them

Nobody wants to feel like they’re being interrogated on a date. Ask them questions about their childhood, hobbies, or anything else they might want to share but go easy on the hardball questions. For example, you don’t have to know every single detail about their schooling or education right on the first date. Keep the questions fun and light but also purposeful.

For example, you can ask them about their dream job or their dream travel destination. These kinds of questions are personal but not too intruding and are not related to work or personal life. You can even crack some jokes to lighten the mood.

5. Keep the cursing under control

Let’s be honest, almost all of us love cursing and we do it unintentionally. It’s fine to use a few words here and there but make sure you have things under control.

If you keep cursing or swearing after every sentence, you’ll come across as a foul-mouthed person and there probably won’t be the next date to go to. Most people feel that people who curse overly are just trying to appear cool and you must not give off that impression.

If you’re in a high-end restaurant or place, it’s best to just stay away from cursing altogether. Eliminating these words suddenly can be tough, so practice lessening the cussing beforehand.

Over to you…

Whether your date is a virtual or an offline one, remember to have fun. Be yourself but be the best version of yourself.

Remember, people can often see through others, especially if you’re trying to be someone you’re not. Be present at the moment instead of worrying about whether you both will work out in the future or not. The more you respect each other, the better things will be!

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