Jewelry Gifting Guide for the Special Women in Your Life (2022 Edition)

Jewelry Gifting Guide for the Special Women in Your Life (2022 Edition)

Buying items of jewelry for every woman is an exercise, and it’s the one that burns the maximum amount of time rather than calories. This is because there is a plethora of choices and options when it comes to jewelry buying. The same phenomenon goes for jewelry gifting. But, unfortunately, that also takes up a significant amount of time since when you give someone something, there can be no second chance.

The gifted item will either be liked by the receiver or hated, and this will also throw light on your relationship with them. Hence all the more essential to choose a gift wisely so that your relationship does not suffer due to this.

Also, another fact that needs to be crossed is the gifting occasion. For example, if the event is the receiver’s birthday, engagement party, or other special celebrations, then simple gold chains with light cosmetic gem stones ain’t gonna cut it. You will have to explore more and further up your budget to include precious gemstones or other slightly expensive imitation items of jewelry. 

This is because certain special events happen once in a while, and they are inviting you to be a part of this celebration, and if you go there with inexpensive or drab jewelry, then your image will look bad.

On the other hand, if you had gone to a kid’s birthday party and been given gold chains, silver chains, and simple necklaces, then that would have worked. Because it’s a kid’s party, and kids do not mind such instances.

Here are some jewelry ideas suitable for most occasions:

1. Zircon Tennis Bracelet: A tennis bracelet is a standalone bangle that is very light in weight and is usually made from Sterling silver or gold chains. Blue Zircon is the only type of Zircon from Cambodia which has a fiery flame texture, and it instantly fancies the eye of the onlooker. You can have a blue Zircon with lots of textures and sizes but try to pair it with a Sterling Silver chain if your skin color is medium-light to dark.

Also, since the blue zircon is a relatively brighter color gemstone, you can also try wearing Tanzanite earrings. Tanzanite is another excellent gemstone that can bring out the beauty of your overall look. This is because Tanzanite is such a stone that, even if worn standalone, can alleviate your overall look, such as the radiant glow from it.

2. Animal Inspired Jewelry: This item of jewelry is suitable for those people who like a bit of zeal and twisting mystics in their life. This theme will appeal to those who are adventure-seeking, joyous and generally want to express their opinion about something or some topic.

There are lots of animal-shaped jewelry like owl-shaped earrings, elephant-painted native American jewelry, and others, and the best part is that most of these go well with a variety of outfits. This is important because the gift you would like to give to the front party will need to be used in their daily life; otherwise, it will be nothing more than an expensive showpiece. 

There are various use cases of animal-themed jewelry items, and the person you are gifting this would also appreciate the unique thought process that underwent into this.

3. Rings: If you are gifting someone an item of jewelry as a gift, then do make a note of their marital status. If they are engaged or married, they must have already been wearing diamond engagement rings or other types of engagement rings. Hence whatever gift that you give has to match it; otherwise, your gift will go useless, and they will not wear it.

Remember to color match the gifts and also to match the textures and class. For example- a Diamond engagement ring will not go well with a Strontium Titanate ring since both are white in color. But it may go well with a Sapphire or Ruby ring since they are deep in color.

4. Anniversary or Other Special Events: Buying items of jewelry for an anniversary or other special occasions require a bit of finesse and stronghold command. Because these are special events and one wrong choice could spoil your relationship with them.

To be on the safe side you can give them a Tanzanite pendant or a Blue Zircon pendant or something on the cooler side. This is because most cool-coloured gemstones go with almost all outfits and hence are more preferred to be worn by women on typical days.


Use the above guide to buy your next item of jewelry as a gift for your special friends and family. When buying online, pay attention to jewelry photography. The presence of high-quality jewelry photography is a significant mark of trustworthiness. 

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