is your home a sitting duck

The latest figures reveal approximately 2.5 million home invasions in the US each year. That was up from the reported 1,117,696 burglaries in 2019, and the dramatic increase doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The numbers did seem to be slowing down in 2019; the reported burglaries were a 9.5% decrease from the year before.

But what the recent figure of 2.5 million burglaries in 2021 tells us; is that some homes might be sitting ducks. Below, we’ll look at why there has been an increase in home invasions, what makes a house a sitting duck, and what homeowners can do to protect their investment.

The Increase In Burglaries In The US

The increase in burglaries in the US can be attributed to many factors – some experts say that the easing of the pandemic restrictions is one of the factors contributing to such a sharp increase in home invasions.

Without the restrictions, more people are roaming the streets, more people out of their homes, and more opportunities for burglars to attempt a home invasion. What’s more interesting, the data shows that 424,886 incidences happened during the day.

Why might more burglaries be happening during the day? Many homes are a sitting target, even in broad daylight. Without the correct insurance policy for protection – often on more expensive items that require separate, specific policies –, homeowners lose an average of $2,661 each time their home is burgled. The increase in home invasions coupled with the cost of recovering stolen items should prompt people to consider how safe their homes are.

However, there is often a limit to what insurers can reimburse you for your stolen good, which will vary depending on that insurer – but, rest assured, your items are covered whether they are stolen from your home or outside of it with homeowners insurance.

There are some things, however, that homeowners might be getting wrong when it comes to keeping their houses secure. Some of the things homeowners might be doing aren’t as easy to change as others. For example, studies have revealed that homes in the middle of the street are most likely to be burgled. Other factors, however, are within the homeowner’s control.

What Makes A Home A Prime Target

One of the first – and perhaps the most obvious – thing that will make a home a sitting duck; is having high prize items on display. High prize items could be a new flat-screen TV or even the car on the drive. It’s very common for criminals to break into homes to search for the keys to the vehicle on the drive. Hiding valuables out of plain sight and locking a car in a garage, if you have one, is an ideal way to keep burglars at bay.

According to studies, a staggering 75% of homes in the US don’t have a home security system. Whether that’s a household alarm or an outdoor security camera, 75% of homeowners in the US aren’t doing enough to protect their homes. At the very least, you can prevent your home from being a sitting duck by having a working alarm.

Easy accessibility is another reason why so many homes are broken into in the US. Easy accessibility can be having broken locks, leaving a back gate wide open, or even leaving windows open when leaving home. It’s essential to have working locks that lock each time the house is empty. Experts in locksmithing recommend that homeowners change their locks every seven years to ensure they’re working correctly.

What More Can Homeowners Do

Sometimes, all the security cameras and iron-clad locks in the world won’t be enough to stop a thief from entering your home when they know you’re not there. Simple and innocent mistakes like posting a vacation on social media, for example, can make your vacant home a prime target. Always be sure to keep your travels private and leave a light on in the house when you do. Do that, and when it goes dark, it’ll look like somebody is in and act as a deterrent.

Similarly, one sure-fire way to catch a thief’s attention is to make it look like you’re not there even when you are. For example, letting rubbish build up next to the trashcan or letting newsletters and magazine piles up outside can make your home look like nobody is there. This article explains what homeowners can do to ensure the home is safe and secure.

The number of break-ins continues to rise – with thieves showing no mercy and entering homes during the day, now is the best time to think about how safe your home is. There are many things to consider, like choosing the right insurance package for break-ins and whether your home is a sitting duck for theives.

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