incorporate designer into wardrobe

If you enjoy keeping up to date with the latest catwalk styles but struggle to incorporate global trends into your personal wardrobe, there are a number of steps you can take to launch your love of fashion to the next level and dabble in designer. It may benefit you to know beforehand, however, that the entire process can command a great deal of time, effort, money, and research.

If you are looking to incorporate designer into your wardrobe, continue reading to find out everything you need to know.

Do your research

In order to incorporate designer into your wardrobe, you must do your research. This includes analysing your existing wardrobe, familiarising yourself with your favourite designers, and shortlisting a number of key pieces that you will wear time and time again and, as a result, are worth investing in.

In addition, you must also decide how you will accommodate your growing wardrobe and determine whether or not you require internal or external storage. In doing so, you can protect yourself, and your hard-earned cash, from falling victim to a number of common pitfalls such as being ripped off, spending impulsively, or living outside of your means.

Borrow before you buy

If you are looking to incorporate designer into your wardrobe but don’t possess the necessary budget to do so, it may be possible to borrow before you buy. This is, in the simplest of terms, the process of borrowing designer items from an online or in-person marketplace before returning them in the same condition in exchange for a reduced price.

If you have your eye on the latest pieces by Alexander McQueen, for example, borrowing before you buy can allow you to wear Alexander McQueen for an upcoming event without paying the hefty price tag associated with purchasing designer goods that are fresh off the runway.

Consider buying pre-owned items

If you are interested in incorporating designer into your wardrobe for a reduced price, it may benefit you to consider buying pre-owned items. This can allow you to purchase authentic designer items that have been subject to gradual wear and tear for less than the price of brand-new designer items that are, more often than not, in pristine condition.

It can also allow you to breathe life into old items and prevent excess waste by shopping for designer goods that may be in great condition but simply no longer needed or wanted by their owner. In addition, it can also save you money, help the environment, support a local business or seller, and allow you to own a piece that is unlikely to still be on sale if you were to go looking today.

Look for quality over quantity

If you are on the hunt for designer items that are likely to stand the test of time, you must look for quality over quantity. If you are shopping for your first designer pieces, however, it can be easy to get lost in the excitement of it all and scramble to expand your collection if and when you can. This is only likely to lead to excess waste and provide you with fleeting joy from your purchases when designer items should be viewed as worthwhile investments that will bring you long-term happiness.

It is, therefore, a better idea to look for quality over quantity and only purchase products that you will continue to love and cherish for years to come. In doing so, you may end up saving a considerable amount of time and money with less need to replace items that have been designed and produced with high-quality materials.

Consider waiting for a sale

If you have your heart set on a particular item but you are unable to afford it at the present moment, it may be worth considering waiting for a sale. If you are open to uncovering brand-new items or pieces you may have otherwise missed whilst shopping for a single product, it can be a great way to update your style and incorporate designer into your wardrobe in the process.

If you have saved for a considerable length of time and have factored your purchase into your budget and monthly outgoings, however, it may be worth paying full price as opposed to waiting for a sale as this may lead to you missing out and regretting your decision to wait down the line.

If you are looking to incorporate designer into your wardrobe in any way you can, there are several steps you can take. This includes doing your research, borrowing before you buy, considering buying pre-owned items, looking for quality over quantity, and considering waiting for a sale. This can allow you to update your wardrobe for less and benefit from the latest trends in the fashion world regardless of whether or not you are restricted by a budget.

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