include fiber in dogs diet

If you’re a paw parent whose dog just won’t stop throwing food tantrums, this article will help you get that insolent little one to eat healthy without even realizing it.

Most dogs start to become picky and choosy because their food is no longer as appealing to them as it once was or because they’ve developed a liking for the table scraps that come their way once everyone’s done eating.

Now that we understand why this happens, let’s try to figure out if we can get them to eat what we want them to, a fiber-rich diet.

• Fruits are rich in fibers.

Dogs love fruits; whether it’s a juicy apple or a crunchy carrot, they chew on them with such joy that you’d kick yourself for not having thought of using these treats to get them that required amount of fiber.

If you’re a concerned parent, you’d know exactly how much fiber your dog’s diet lacks. However, it doesn’t take long to determine how much fiber content any given fruit has.

Based on these figures, you can space out the treats throughout the day, and who knows, you could even use them to teach your dog a few new tricks.

• If fruits don’t work, try pumpkin pulp.

Only a single tablespoon of pumpkin pulp can get your dog the required amount of fiber without fretting too much.

Ideally, you’d want to buy a fresh pumpkin, but canned pumpkin pulp is a close second if that’s not an option. However, if you’re buying canned pulp, be sure not to purchase pumpkin pie pulp, as that would have additional sweeteners and ingredients that could do more harm than good.

• Try changing the dog food that you give them.

If you’re a concerned parent but don’t have the time to devise schemes and strategies to feed your paw friend, try a simpler alternative.

There are a variety of pet food delivery stores that understand the nature of pets and have developed food ingredients that are of superior taste as compared to regular pet food.

These stores have also focused on using raw materials that are naturally sourced so that the quality of the product does not get compromised while the taste improves manyfold.

• Grains do wonders

Despite many people stating that grains are harmful to dogs, people have found that feeding brown rice is beneficial. The fiber is where the husk is, and the husk is a trademark trait of brown rice.

A single serving a day should get your dog’s nutritional status to where it needs to be in no time at all.

• Green veggies are rich in fibers.

If your dog loves green, leafy vegetables, you’d have nothing to worry about. But what a lot of dogs do like is garnishing greens sprinkled over their food which doesn’t just make it more appealing to them and supplements their dietary requirements.

• Flaxseeds can do wonders.

Where all else fails, flaxseeds rarely do. Flaxseeds are a rich source of proteins and fibers, making them a highly effective ingredient.

Flaxseeds are high in nutritional value, but they’re also very easy to disguise. So even if the only thing your dog eats is peanut butter, all you need to do is grind a teaspoon full of flaxseeds and mix them with the peanut butter.

Your dog won’t even recognize the difference and would soak in all of those nutrients without wasting even a single moment.

• Some fiber-rich fruits ought to be fed with caution.

Fruits like blueberries and strawberries are highly rich in fiber content, but they’ve also got a high natural sugar content which can cause unintended consequences.

Therefore, while these fruits have an advantage in terms of fibers, they can prove to be disadvantageous as the calorie content is quite high. So it’s a tough balance.

There are many ways to get your pet to eat the food you want them to; coming up with new strategies consistently can be tiring after a certain point in time. So it’s always a good idea to train them so that they eat what’s given to them without always being too fussy about it.

There is no doubt that even the most well-trained of pets would resort to throwing tantrums, which is alright so long as it doesn’t become too frequent. But if things get slightly out of hand, you’d want to consider retraining them to avoid reaching a point where the only way to feed them is through deception.

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