how to move with kids

Relocating to a new city with your family can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. From packing up all your belongings to hiring reliable movers such as, it’s easy for the stress of relocating to take its toll on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. But don’t worry — if you plan and are well-prepared, this process can become much more manageable.

In this article, we will cover some basic tips for moving with children so that when the due day arrives, you’re fully prepared for the journey ahead!

Essential Tips for Moving with Kids

Speak with your family about the move

Talking with children about their concerns or worries when it comes to moving will help give them an understanding of what to expect and hopefully put their minds at ease. Sitting down together for frank conversations about upcoming plans will undoubtedly make the transition much easier for everyone.

Show them the new home and neighborhood

A helpful tip to avoid some of the potential stress is to show your kids the new home and neighborhood before the moving day. This will not only help ease fear but will also allow them to start building relationships with their new neighbors.

Get rid of anything unwanted

Donating or selling unwanted items helps lighten the load and provides an opportunity for children to become involved in clean-up efforts. It allows them to assist in sorting and separating items that are kept from those that are removed from the house.

Start packing ahead

Packing gives children the chance to help out with their belongings and become familiar with the process. It also allows you to plan an inventory of items far before the moving date. Assigning tasks for your family members is also key — designate who will help pack fragile items and who will organize belongings in boxes and labels.

Have them plan out their new room

Let the children plan out their new room. This allows kids to get excited about the move and provides them with a sense of ownership of their new living space. At the same time, it cultivates their creativity while making an often stressful situation more enjoyable!

Ask children to pack up their things

For younger kids, being allowed to decide which toys and books to keep and which ones to put into storage can feel like an exciting decision-making experience. Allowing them to pack their favorite items themselves is one surefire tip for a smooth family relocation. It not only keeps them occupied but also makes them feel like part of the process.

Visit your family doctor

Visiting your family doctor before the move is an important step in ensuring that everyone’s health — from bumps and bruises to physicals — is taken care of. Your family doctor can offer advice on how to handle medications, provide shots and vaccinations, or even help you plan out any medical needs while you’re in transit.

Transfer of school records

One thing that can help ease the process is to prepare school records in advance. You can contact each school where your children have been enrolled and request copies of their transcripts, standardized test scores, and other documents recorded during their attendance there.

Take pets to the vet’s office

An important tip on how to relocate your family is to take pets to the vet before packing and moving them. This allows for any necessary veterinarian services such as vaccinations or preventative treatments to be done before bringing your pet into a new home.

Arrange childcare

With the flurry of packing and planning that is usually involved with a big move, parents need to have one less thing to worry about during this time. After finding reliable, safe childcare near their new home, families can make sure that their children are taken care of while they take care of everything else.

Plan a going-away party for the entire family

Planning a family relocation can be packed full of emotions, and one way to soften the situation is by holding a special going-away party. Such an occasion will help celebrate the memories made with friends and family before leaving and remark on the experience that lies ahead.

Get your family car serviced

It’s important to make sure that your vehicle is in the best shape possible before moving with children, as you will likely be depending on it for most of the relocation period. Car servicing ensures that any necessary repairs are made and that all of the major components such as brakes, engine, transmission, and suspension are functioning properly.

Pack an essentials box for your children

One way how to relocate your family smoothly is to prepare an essentials box for your children. This should contain one week’s worth of their most important items such as clothes, hygiene products, school supplies, and any toys or books they may need to cope emotionally during the relocation.

Having these basic belongings close at hand will make settling into their new home more comfortable as they won’t have to wait until you can unpack all of their possessions. Such a box will likewise come in handy for elder relatives.

Introduce your family to movers

Introducing your family to movers can help to create peace of mind that everything will be taken care of according to plan and schedule. This can help ease worries and ensure an enjoyable relocation journey ahead!


Family relocation is an exciting but challenging process. It can be difficult to navigate the various steps of research, planning, and execution to get everything organized in time for your move.

However, with the right resources, guidance, and tips for moving kids, the relocation journey need not be overwhelming. It can be a wonderful opportunity to experience a new destination as one big happy family.

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