how long it takes cbd gummies to work

Most people who use CBD gummies know that it takes a longer time for them to have an effect than other consumption methods. For instance, you might feel the effects of a CBD vape product within seconds. Those who consume CBD oils sublingually claim to feel the benefits within 15-20 minutes.

CBD gummies are different, as it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to notice something. However, you’re rewarded for your patience because the effects could last several hours.

Yet, there is an element of unpredictability involved when you consume cannabidiol orally. Several factors dictate how long it takes to feel the benefits of CBD gummies, and this article discusses several of the most relevant.

1 – Dosage & Product Potency

The amount of cannabidiol you consume impacts how quickly you feel the effects. For instance, if you consume CBD gummies from PureKana, you get 25mg of the cannabinoid per piece.

You can also buy CBD gummies with 5-10mg from other brands. The 25mg of CBD offered by PureKana will probably offer noticeable effects quicker than a 5mg or 10mg gummy.

2 – Quality

Of course, the above is only true if the CBD gummies are of the highest quality. Unfortunately, the industry isn’t particularly well-regulated. As a result, many companies with dubious or non-existent reputations sell products online. We recommend ensuring that any product you buy comes with a third-party lab report.

Realistically, you’ll get the best effects from products that use supercritical CO2 extraction to take CBD from hemp. This extraction method offers pure and clean products, although some top brands may use a solvent such as ethanol instead.

Also, you should stick with brands that use hemp cultivated in the United States. If you’re a European reader, you may argue that EU-grown hemp is also of excellent quality.

3 – Consumption Method

CBD gummies take longer to work than other forms of consumption because of the journey the cannabinoid takes. The CBD travels through the digestive system when you eat a gummy or a capsule. Therefore, it takes longer for the compound to reach your bloodstream and have the desired effect.

In contrast, CBD oil, which is usually consumed sublingually, bypasses first-pass metabolism and has a shorter route to your bloodstream. When you vape CBD, the compound has an exceedingly short journey as it enters your bloodstream via the lungs. This explains why vaped cannabidiol offers the fastest effects.

4 – The Individual

The user is the final relevant factor determining how long it takes CBD gummies to work. If 50 people buy CBD gummies and consume one at the same time, they will all probably have different reactions. Certainly, it will take longer for the cannabinoid to work on some people than others. One person might feel an effect in 30 minutes, while another may not notice anything for 90 minutes.

This is because of their unique physiology. For instance, a person’s body weight is undoubtedly a factor because CBD is fat-soluble. Therefore, if you have a lot of fat cells in your body, these cells will absorb and store CBD for longer than if you have relatively few fat cells.

Also, your metabolism is another thing to consider. Your metabolism not only dictates how quickly you burn calories, but it also affects how your body breaks down CBD gummies and other substances. Things such as lifestyle, age, genetic profile, and digestive system determine your metabolic rate.

Someone with a fast metabolism will likely feel the effects of CBD gummies faster than a person with a slower metabolism. However, the effects may also wear off more quickly.

Final Thoughts on the Factors That Determine How Long It Takes for CBD Gummies to Work

The dosage you consume, along with the quality of the CBD and individual factors, are all important considerations when gauging how long it takes gummies to work. However, rather than focusing on how quickly the effects manifest themselves, take note of how long you feel the benefits.

When you buy CBD gummies, you may need to wait up to 120 minutes for them to work. However, a growing number of anecdotal reports suggest that the wait is well worth it. 

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