Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

While general auto accidents are stressful, truck accidents are severe and costly. Given the weight and size of trucks, and the speed they travel on highways, collisions that involve trucks devastate passengers and motorists. Don’t let Manhattan’s fame for cabs and subways fool you—this vibrant island is also bustling with trucks.

From Houston Street to 5th Avenue, these trucks are crucial in delivering goods to local businesses and residents. However, they must navigate the city streets with utmost care and caution. Adhering to specific rules, guidelines, and local truck routes can help prevent serious and devastating injuries to fellow drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Unfortunately, despite several efforts to curb truck accidents in New York, their numbers still increased by 10%.

Unlike other personal injury cases, truck accident victims are not guaranteed financial compensation, even if they sustained severe injuries. The primary cause of the accident should be investigated before the party eligible for compensation is determined. If you or your loved one live in Manhattan and have sustained injury from a truck collision, hiring a Manhattan truck accident lawyer can increase the chances of being compensated.

Working with a lawyer also guarantees more compensation in the following ways:

1. Truck accident lawyers understand the complicated trucking regulations

Unlike conventional auto accidents, truck drivers work around the clock and should maintain certain standards at work. For instance, they should:

  • Maintain and update qualifications
  • Adhere to allowed logging hours and rest periods
  • Track and adhere to scheduled maintenance
  • Keep up with annual inspections

That aside, other state and federal laws govern the trucking industry. Unfortunately, while most truck drivers are responsible and stick to these regulations, some truck collisions result from inadequate rest, distracted driving, overloaded trucks, and poorly maintained trucks.

Other possible causes of truck accidents include inclement weather and driving under the influence. The complexity of these regulations makes it challenging to know the specific factors accident victims can base their claims on. An experienced truck accident lawyer helps victims investigate the primary cause of the accident and determine the amount of eligible compensation.

2. Damages in truck collisions are serious

You can do literally everything to stay safe on the road. But all of that really won’t matter if you fall victim to a truck accident, as the basic laws of physics will render any preparation useless.

The weight and size of trucks, especially when fully loaded, often lead to horrible damages and injuries during an accident. This can worsen if the truck is full of flammable products. The damages resulting from truck accidents occur at multiple touchpoints.

Besides the substantial medical bills, victims also miss work, suffer emotional damage, and those who die leave their dependents and family members desolate. Following up on due compensation is difficult for victims recovering from truck accidents. The pain of injuries sustained and the emotional impact of the scary accident make it impossible for victims to pursue fair compensation.

A truck accident lawyer can ensure victims receive maximum compensation by:

  • Investigating the accident in detail to determine the liability of the party at fault
  • Calculating or valuing the damages and injuries sustained
  • Building a strong claim before filing for compensation from the insurance company
  • Handling all communications between the party-at-fault, the insurance company, and the victim
  • Ensuring the victim’s legal rights are protected during the period of the case

3. Multiple parties may be at fault

Unlike standard auto insurance, multiple parties can be embroiled in truck collision accidents. Accident victims should file compensation claims to the liable party to receive compensation. You can lose your claims if you file compensation claims to the wrong party.

Depending on the nature of the accident, the party-at-fault includes:

  • Truck drivers – negligent truck drivers are obviously at fault for truck collisions. However, whether the driver rear-ended or cut off a vehicle isn’t enough to claim the driver is the primary cause of the accident. In such situations, the truck driver’s employer will rely on the insurance company to compensate victims for damages.
  • Trucking companies – apart from the driver, the conversation about truck collisions also involves trucking companies. In some cases, the driver’s actions may result from their employer. For instance, if the employer doesn’t perform regular maintenance and repairs, encourages HOS violations, and doesn’t conduct a thorough background check before hiring the driver.
  • Cargo shipper or loader – most trucking companies work as shipping contractors that transfer goods to different warehouses. Regardless of the arrangement, all the parties involved should comply with state and federal regulations. Failing to comply with these regulations makes them liable for damages.

Truck manufacturers, parts vendors, government agencies, and contractors can also be held liable for truck accidents. A truck accident lawyer will investigate and determine the party liable for the accident and damages, which is crucial in ensuring victims receive fair compensation.

The Bottom Line

While truck collisions are becoming more common on U.S. roads, most victims don’t know when to hire a truck accident lawyer. A knowledgeable lawyer will help truck accident victims receive fair compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and other losses.

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