High School and College Essays

One of my first interactions with essay writing began at school, where our teachers advised us how to write different types of essays. Thus, I started the journey of writing different kinds of essays as I moved up the ladder in the academic establishment.

As you move from the transition of school to college, you will see that there is a massive difference in the application and presentation of the essay. It is because school is the place where you learn all kinds of essays, and in college, it’s the application of the learning.

That is why you will see a difference between school and college essays and the rigidity of acceptance, as the standards are higher in college than in school.

Therefore, I will tell you about the difference between school and college essays, so be prepared when you apply for college.

Difference Between High School And College Essay

Understandably, there is a vast difference between high school and college essays due to the writing standards and the inclusion of real facts and figures. It is more like swimming in the lake than crossing the English Channel.

Therefore, it is important to know how to take the leap so that you can cross it easily. Here is what you should know –

Essay Structure

One of the predominant differences between high school and college essays lies in the essay structure, which plays a major role in essay writing.

In school, the structure of the essay begins with an introduction and then is followed by three paragraphs of body depicting the main points. Lastly, it is the conclusion that gives the summary of the essay.

The five-paragraph is generally followed in the school due to the limited word count given to school students, which does not increase to 1000 words.

It is different when you enter college, as there is no predetermined structure for students to write. It is because the topics in college are far more complex than in school. Further, there is no ascribed word limit for students to concise their main points.

That is why college students do not work by following any structure. Hence, students need help to adapt to transitioning from school to college.

Paragraphs Are Different 

Here comes another difference that revolves around the number of paragraphs school and college students have to write. There is a vast difference in the length of the paragraphs.

In school, students have to be very precise when it comes to writing and describing pieces of information. They are instructed to be very specific and begin writing after the topic sentence.

It is different with college essays, as there is no limit in writing an essay, as professors don’t want you to limit yourself and write what you feel like. Sometimes the length of the paragraph can take up to one-third or one-fourth of the paper.

There are fewer restrictions on college students regarding the content and also the length of the paragraph. Therefore, you will have essays of two-three pages explaining all the details of the topic, which is limited when you are on school premises.

Rigidity Against Thesis Statement 

A thesis statement is compulsory in schools, as you must show the teachers what direction the essay is following. That is why teachers ask students to add a thesis statement to showcase the essay’s main idea.

As the imposition of rule is strictly on school students, college students are free of shackles. Because of the topic’s complexities, you have to discuss different points and subjects.

Therefore, it becomes too difficult to summarise the whole point in a thesis statement. Hence, the college has no hard and fast rules regarding the thesis statement.

Further, if you add a thesis statement, you can enlarge the statement into three or four lines. Hence, you get more freedom in college while writing an essay than in school.

Introduction And Conclusion 

The introduction and conclusion hold an important place in stating the content of the school essay. You have to begin the opening with a hook sentence, add some general statements, and then complete it with a thesis statement.

Also, the conclusion was introduced to write the summary of the main points made in the essay. The style of writing introduction and conclusion is quite common in high school.

However, it is different in college. Professors want students to begin with the main idea of the topic. Once they start writing the topic, they must specify the argument with proper facts and figures. It is because the college has no space for general comments.

Further, the conclusion point exists to extend the argument into the next paragraph. It also acts as a place for students to write their self-reflection or make a point for adding more insights.

You can even raise a question or curiosity and give suggestions and recommendations on the topic.

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Difference Is The Order Of The Day 

Apart from what we read, other differences signify how school essays are different from college essays:

  • Arguments in the essay are key, where school students are asked to stick to one side of the point made. Mostly, the statements are based on personal experience or opinion, whereas college students emphasize the sources they use to back their claims. There should be various credible sources, i,e, journals, articles, and government websites.
  • Along with this is the issue of plagiarism and citations, which is relatively unknown in the school, as teachers are busy teaching the fundamentals of writing articles. Compared to school, citations are a key part of an essay, as a certain percentage of the number exists for citations and formatting. Further, if a professor catches a student with plagiarism, their academic careers are nearly over.

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