have pesach at a florida resort

Many Jews enjoy Pesach, or Passover, as some call it. It is a time when the family gathers and catches up. Maybe you haven’t seen some friends or relatives in a long time. Now, you can get together and see how much the kids have grown.

You can talk about what’s happening at work. You can exchange gossip and eat a huge meal. You can also observe what the holiday means and reflect on that. This occasion should have solemnity, but it should also have some fun elements.

If you’re having Pesach in Florida this year, maybe you feel like you should have it at your house. However, perhaps you can have an Orlando Pesach at a resort instead.

Some Orlando resorts can accommodate you and ensure you have a great time. Let’s discuss why you might consider this option right now.

You Can Invite More People

One reason why you might decide you’ll do Pesach at a resort is that you can have way more people there if you do. Presumably, unless you have a huge mansion, you can invite more guests this way.

You might choose Passover as the moment when you can get some friends and relatives together who you have not seen in quite some time. Maybe, with the pandemic now not such an issue, you might have older relatives who will travel and spend time with you. A resort that accommodates seders might work well for you that way.

Someone Else Can Cook

You can also book a resort for Pesach because that way, you won’t have to cook. You can always get a suite that has a big kitchen if you want to do the cooking. However, if you’re having 30 or 40 people, you might feel like that’s too much time and trouble.

If you book some rooms at a resort that will do the catering for you, you can relax and have the service, knowing that someone else will handle making all that brisket and matzo ball soup. You can have some wine and sit back in your chair while all that tasty food comes to you.

You Have a Gym Right There

The following day, you might realize you’ve put on a couple of pounds. If you book a resort stay, then you can hit the gym the day after you’ve eaten that huge meal.

You might spend some time on the exercise bike, or maybe you’ll use the treadmill instead. You can use some resistance bands or free weights. Perhaps you’ll roll out a yoga mat and stretch if you have a routine that you enjoy.

You can have your workout before eating some of those leftovers. If you’re there multiple days, you might switch up the routines and do arm and leg days separately.  

Your Kids Can Meet New Friends and Play

You might also have some children with you. Maybe you have kids of your own, or perhaps you have some nieces or nephews at this gathering.

If you have other families staying at the resort, and they also have kids that age, you might have a playdate. You can also take the kids to the playground nearby and see whether the youngsters hit it off.

You Can Visit Some of the Orlando Attractions After the Holiday

You might also finish the holiday and decide that you’ll check out some of the many Orlando attractions that you can find nearby. For instance, you might go walk on the beach or swim in the ocean. You can go shopping or check out some nearby museums.

You may also take the kids to one of the amazing Disney-themed properties that you’ll find around the Orlando area. Disney has multiple theme parks, and you can check out EPCOT or the new Harry Potter-themed park.

You can also visit the Magic Kingdom, a classic choice where you can find rides like Space Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and many more.

Your time in Orlando can have religious significance if you book rooms at a resort where you can celebrate Passover. You can also catch up with your relatives and friends.

Maybe you’ll invite some non-Jewish friends who have never celebrated the holiday before. You can show them what it’s all about and broaden their horizons. They can say the blessings with you and enjoy a lavish dinner with some traditional delicacies.

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