Beginner’s Guide For NFL Betting

Beginner’s Guide For NFL Betting

A growing number of states are passing legislation to allow sports gambling, which has only increased the popularity of the activity among fans throughout the nation. In fact, if one looks at the history of the NFL, one will notice that NFL betting has become just as popular as watching the game itself, especially in the USA.

If you are new to NFL betting or simply want to brush up on your knowledge before the season starts, here you will find a quick and easy guide with everything you need for all your NFL betting needs!

Choosing your betting site

It’s just as crucial to choose a good sportsbook as it is to place your bets correctly. It is important to take a number of factors into consideration when deciding where you entrust your money and bets. It is highly recommended to try to find reputable sportsbooks to place NFL bets at, that are entrusted and tried and tested by bettors.

The important factors to weigh in here should be; to decide what exactly you are looking for and make a list of deal-breakers, find a list of candidates and read site reviews, test each site out, and then make a decision based on how user-friendly the site is, the number of games that are listed within the site, payment options, bonuses and promotions offered, and live and mobile betting options.

If you take all of these factors under consideration you will successfully find the best betting site suited for you and all your needs.

Type of bet to place

The NFL has a wide variety of wagering possibilities, but for novices, concentrating on just one could be the best strategy. The more you learn about how bookmakers set odds, the more you’ll be able to diversify your bets and develop a better understanding of the NFL. Let’s focus on the main three types of bets to place; point spread, moneyline, totals.

To begin, pay attention to who the oddsmakers have favored in the games that have been made available on their betting lines. The “favorites” in sports are the teams that are predicted to win, while the “underdogs” are supposed to lose. The ‘favorites’ will be designated with a minus sign when the odds are posted, and the ‘underdogs’ will be marked with a plus sign when the odds are stated.

Point Spread: With the point spread approach you will be betting on the margin of victory odds. If your team is classified as a 9-point favorite a “cover” can occur when the team you bet on wins by 8 points or more. A “Push” occurs if the team you bet on loses by 9 points, and here you will receive back the money that you would have put down, meaning that you would not make any profit but not lose any money either.

If the team wins by 8 points or fewer or loses by more than 8 points, your wager and any money you placed into it will be void. In order to win a wager on an underdog who is listed as a “+9,” your team must either win the game or lose by no more than 8 points. Football and basketball are two of the most popular high-scoring sports for this kind of gambling, although they may be used for any type of sports wagering.

Moneyline: A second alternative for placing a wager is to use the moneyline method, which is based on the team that is expected to win and calculates rewards using odds. Favorites and underdogs are again marked by plus and minus signs, however, if a favorite is labeled as -100, you would have to gamble 100 to have a chance of winning 50, and if that team loses, you would lose your entire bet, which would be equal to 100.

If an underdog is labeled as +100, you have a 50 dollar wager with a chance of winning 100 dollars or losing 50 dollars if the team loses. The reason for this is that the favorites are expected to win, while the underdogs are expected to lose; as a result, betting on the side that is expected to lose pays out more.

Totals: It’s also possible to wager on whether the final score will be higher or lower than the total established by the oddsmakers. The total is calculated based on a mix of both teams’ projections, and it allows bettors to wager on whether the final score will be higher or lower than the total established.

The oddsmakers offer a total of 300; bettors can wager on the number 300 or anything else in between. If the total is 301 or higher, all bettors who placed money on >300 will win their wagers. If the total is less than 300, any bettors who placed money on less than 300 will forfeit their bets.

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