Growing Old Gracefully with Your Aging Pet

If you’re a pet parent, you know how much you can love an animal. You also know that we aren’t promised more than a decade or two with our furry friends. While this can be a hard thought to fathom, it makes every moment spent with our pets that much dearer. Here are a few things to enjoy about the process of aging with your pet:

Take them on trips with you

If you want to make sure you are enjoying all that you can with your pets, don’t leave them at home when going on road trips. While flying with pets isn’t always the best idea, as it makes them nervous and can also be risky for some, taking them on road trips to new places can be a great experience. Just make sure that your pet enjoys taking trips, as some can get quite anxious while traveling.

If you want to take your anxious pet on trips, ask your vet about anxiety meds for dogs to help them out. You love travel, but you also love your pet, and traveling with them provides you both with more time together.

Stay on top of their health

Something else to consider when it comes to your pet and aging is their health. You want to be sure that you’re doing whatever you can to keep them healthy for as long as possible. Getting treatment for conditions that could get progressively worse is key to helping your pet walk into their senior years with more grace and joy. Find the vet that you trust and consider pet insurance so that vet care is as affordable as possible.

Do what you can for quality of life

As you see your pet get older and things that were once easy for them become difficult, make sure you do what you can to make things easier. For example, if your pet used to happily jump into your bed but now has a hard time doing so, look into steps that make it easier for them to get into bed.

If they once took long walks with you but now have a hard time keeping up, consider finding a home with a backyard that makes it easier for them to get out but with less movement, if needed. As they get older, look for ways to improve life for them as their abilities start to decline.

Hire the best sitters

There are plenty of sites out there that offer dog-sitting services, from Wag to Rover. However, not every sitter is trained to take care of older dogs. They often need medication and may require different types of care. So, as you and your dog take the journey of getting older together, make sure you’re looking for sitters that you know you can rely on. You want a sitter to provide your dog with the care that keeps them happy and healthy when you have to be far from home.

Know when it’s time

While we never want to face the moment that we have to say goodbye to our best friend, there will come a time. Sometimes, they’ll go peacefully from old age, while at other times, we’ll have to make the decision to say goodbye because they’re in too much pain and quality of life simply isn’t possible.

It can be the hardest decision that you’ll ever have to make in your journey with your beloved pet, but there will come a time when you’ll need to know if it’s time. Find counseling services to help you through this time, as you’ll need support.

In Conclusion

As a pet parent, the aspect of your pet’s aging isn’t easy to experience. But there is joy in the journey, and there are moments to still experience together. Do what you can to give them the best quality of life in their old age, and hold them close.

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