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Whether you’ve been married for more than 25 years or have been dating for five months, it’s always a good idea to experience new things with your partner. Spicing up your relationship is always welcome, and doing it with a wager can make anything fun and exciting. Time to bring your game face on and emerge victorious in these good bets for couples!

What Are Good Bets For Couples?


You can turn any typical day-to-day activity into a bet with your better half. You don’t need to look for anything extraordinary or complex. Gamble on the most mundane chores and dictate what’s at stake. All at your agreed-upon terms!

For example, you can work out together and do physical challenge bets. Try a best out of three for who can do more push-ups, meet a set number of miles, or do better splits.

You can also bet on which team will win in the NBA finals or make a list of teams you think will qualify for the Super Bowl. Another classic betting game for couples is answering a relatively difficult question and allowing Google to decide who is the winner.

You can even bet on who can eat only healthy food for an entire week or eat the same dish for the whole week.

How Do Good Bets Impact A Relationship Positively?

Making positive bets with your better half can make any couple’s relationship fun and exciting. Healthy competition with your partner also increases intimacy and understanding. You also become more comfortable having new experiences with one another.

You and your partner can explore new things about one another and even develop mutual respect and trust — traits that can further help solidify your relationship.

Bets can also shift a boring relationship into a playful (and naughty) bonding moment, where despite losing the best, both of you will end up feeling like winners.

It’s all about having fun, loving each other, and bringing out the best in one another.

10 Good Bets For Couples


Goofy Good Bet Ideas

#1. The losing partner becomes the chef for the day (or entire week).

This is a risky one since it can swing both ways — your partner can be a good or bad cook.

However, your culinary skills don’t matter much since one of the goofiest bets for couples is having the losing partner make breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all meals for the entire day (or the whole week).

To make it more exciting, agree on the cuisine and have your partner attempt to make a full Italian spread or Japanese bento meal.

#2. The winning partner is granted three wishes.

Think genie from the bottle, except that the genie is your partner.

Before deciding what to bet on, set out the rules about the three wishes. For example, it should not involve harm or cause the family to declare bankruptcy.

The partner who wins can make three wishes a reality. These wishes can be used in a single day or set without any expiration date. You need to be smart to know what to wish for and when to wish for it.

#3. The winning partner has control over the remote during the weekend.

Unless you and your partner share the same love for movies and TV shows, this can lead to a winning weekend of binge-watching our favorite shows!

The rule can also involve your partner having to watch the shows/movies with you. Make the rules more rigid by ensuring that there’ll be no napping or dozing off during any of your watching hours.

Flirty Good Bet Ideas

#4. The losing partner becomes a masseuse or masseur for the night.

A relaxing massage from your partner’s expert hands (or not) can be a satisfying reward after winning your bet. This can be a good win after a bet on some form of physical challenge.

Bet on who has the most steps by the end of three days, and then the loser would have to give the winner a massage for one hour. Or make it more intimate by setting up the ambiance with aromatic candles and soft music.

#5. The winning partner plans the next date.

No more bickering over whether you will be going out for a new movie or watching the game — the winner gets to choose what you do on your next date.

Planning the next date may not feel like winning since it entails a lot of effort. But, being able to pull off a surprise romantic night for your partner will make it all worth it!

This is a real win for you and your partner, especially if it’s been quite a while since you’ve been out on a “real date.”

#6. The winning partner selects your bedroom activities.

Here’s a sexy bet that will leave you both satisfied — have the winning partner decide on your bedroom activities.

Of course, be mindful of any boundaries or absolute no-nos either of you may have in the bedroom department. But, some nighttime action to rekindle your physical intimacy can be the perfect culmination of a week-long betting game.

#7. The losing partner wears an outfit dictated by the winner.

This is when you can push your partner to explore their fashion and make them wear something you decide on — the sky’s the limit.

This bet can be a prelude to having the winner decide on your bedroom fun and can set the mood for both of you.

Serious Good Bet Ideas

#8. The losing partner babysits the kids on the weekend.

Every parent needs a break sometimes. And if you, too, badly need a break or want to join your friends on a quick weekend getaway without feeling guilty, you need to win this bet.

A weekend where you don’t have to change diapers or get nagged by your toddler can be the breather you need to keep your sanity.

#9. The losing partner does grocery shopping with a set budget.

In every relationship, there’s always one partner who’s more practical about shopping and budgeting. But, if you’re not that person, this can be a real challenge for you.

The budget would need to be set before you agree on what to bet on. It can be a good motivator to be aware of what you need to purchase to restock your pantry.

#10. The losing partner gets a day’s (or week’s) worth of wages.

Nobody wants to lose money, so betting on this can make you and your partner even more competitive.

Raise the stakes even higher with an entire month’s wage, if you can afford it, or agree to double the amount for the losing partner!

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