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A stunning diamond pendant or necklace is a must-have for anyone who enjoys jewelry. A wide range of diamond designs can be purchased based on your taste, style, and budget, ranging from ornate necklace designs ideal for special occasions to delicate but durable pendant designs suitable for everyday wear. There are a few things to consider to make the best decision when selecting a diamond necklace.

Due to their characteristics, some chains are better suited to pendants than others. Some jewelers are creating their own take on traditional designs, so the options are limitless. 

Types of Diamond Chains

 “If you are looking for a simple accessory that is not meant to lay in the jewelry box waiting for a special occasion, the one you can wear every day, but which is also glamorous enough to complement extravagant attires, the diamond chain is the choice you’ll most certainly end up with. The selection of chain styles that enhance the genuine beauty of diamonds is immense, so to find the necklace that suits your preferences is quite easy. Diamond chain is a sure way to add luxury brilliance to your style.”

-Dennis Stepansky-Founder of ItsHot

  • Cable Linked Chain

A link connect chain is possibly the most well-known chain tracked down in gems. It is made of uniformly shaped oval or round metal links that are looped together to make a chain that is both strong and light.

Even though this style is popular because of how delicate it looks, 14k/18k gold or platinum versions are very strong and will last a long time. 

  • Bead or Ball Chain

A ball chain is a chain that is fixed all the way around with round beads or metal balls. The ball dot tie is sufficiently flexible to be worn alone as a straightforward emphasis, or creating chain combinations with a pendant or appeal to add some extra style.

  • Rope Chain

There are many styles of rope chains, some of which are incredibly intricate and ornate. The rope chain family includes some designs for rope chains that are all made the same way. Individual links are manipulated to give the impression of one continuous chain to create the illusion of a rope-like chain. Also, you can easily clean gold rope chain with a simple solution of mild dish soap and warm water!

  • Wheat Chain

It has intricately woven links to give it a striking, natural look similar to the beautiful folds of wheat tips. Men prefer to shop at this chain. The interlockings create a very sturdy chain. 

Factors That Determine a Diamonds Worth

So, what are the variables that lessen the precious stones’ worth? Each diamond has internal characteristics and comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Diamonds are more desirable than other stones due, in part, to their rarity. However, there is a systematic approach to evaluating diamonds’ specific characteristics. Let us now see every one of these attributes exhaustively:


The value of a diamond is greatly influenced by its color. A diamond’s value will decrease as the number of tintings increases. For instance, a diamond’s value will be higher if it is colorless, while its value will be lower if it is light yellow or brownish. As a result, a diamond’s price can be affected by even the tiniest color change.


The proportions in which a particular diamond is cut are known as the cut of a diamond. This is done so light shines ultimately when light enters the diamond. In addition, the diamond must have sufficient contrast between the brighter and darker areas to give it a sharp and clean appearance. The more brilliant a diamond is, as a general rule, the higher its cut grade is.


The number of inclusions in a diamond is referred to as its clarity. Clarity can be affected by inclusions in natural diamonds, such as spots, blemishes, and scratches. There are blemishes and scratches on the diamond’s surface, while inclusions like spots can be found within the stone.

Diamonds with fewer inclusions will be more expensive because of their higher clarity. Such diamonds are uncommon, and finding a flawless diamond is unlikely. Most lab-made diamonds are flawless. As a result, clarity is a determining factor in determining the value of a diamond.

Carat Weight 

You might know that a diamond’s value will increase proportionally to its carat weight. Due to their rarity and high price, larger diamonds with a higher carat weight are rarer than smaller diamonds.

How Can You Take Care of Your Diamond Chain?

Despite being the most complex material on earth, diamonds can be damaged. Owning a diamond necklace may be simpler than maintaining its value and luster year after year; You will need to adhere to a schedule. It will assist in maintaining the sparkle of your diamonds year after year and will prevent problems that could lower their value.

The best ways to ensure that your diamond and necklaces will sparkle indefinitely are discussed below:

  • Keep your diamond jewelry separate from other accessories because they can rub against each other, causing scratches and chipping.
  • Continuously keep your precious stone neckband in a texture-lined gem box.
  • Never pick the necklace off by the stones because doing so will cause the setting for the diamonds to become loose. Always take the necklace off by grabbing its band.
  • Never wear jewel accessories in pools or hot tubs, as the chlorine in the water can stain precious stones.
  • Your jeweler can fix it if the prongs and other settings are loose. Try not to wear a piece of jewelry without getting it fixed as the free setting can oust the precious stones, and you might lose your valuable precious stones.

Where to Get the Best Quality Diamond Chain or Necklace From?

You might want to think about purchasing a diamond necklace or any other kind of diamond jewelry from a reputable seller. ItsHot is the Best Place you can get diamond chains of your style, further enhancing your glamor.

A diamond certificate from a reputable gemological laboratory will be provided to you. They will also ensure your shipment to protect it from damage or theft in the event that the stone is lost or damaged in transit.


Diamond necklaces are the very best things you can ever give someone—or yourself—as a gift. They can be worn for decades and never lose their charm. Dissimilar to other gems, precious stone studded neckbands value after some time.

Here is a detailed guide for choosing well-worthy diamond chains and necklaces so you can understand and pick one that satisfies your preferences and those of your loved ones.

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