gifts to your baker friend

We all have that one friend who’d rather spend their time experimenting with a new recipe or treating friends as their test subjects for recipes to try out. If you’ve been one such guinea pig, then you know what I am talking about.

The materialistic world has a range of items that would appeal to any of us, but a select few items would do wonders if found in a baker’s kitchen.

A few of those items shall be discussed in this article to help you choose the perfect gift.

• Sourdough starter

People like me, who love to eat baked goods, it doesn’t matter what sourdough is or where it comes from, provided that whatever is made from it tastes delicious.

However, for the discerning eater or Baker, sourdough has great significance. It is, after all, a bread that has been fermented without using any commercial yeast and therefore is considered more organic than other forms of bread.

For this reason, many people prefer their desserts and bread to be made using sourdough. So now, if you have a friend who bakes dishes using any other dough, then it’s good to give them some sourdough starter as that would open a whole new world for them.

If your friend is a baker who frequently uses sourdough, you’d want to be more discerning with the choice you make, and many sourdough starters can be found. So it’s always a good thing to do your research beforehand; for which purpose, it would be a good idea to check out more about sourdough starters at

• Rotatable cake stand

Why would anyone need a rotatable cake stand? It seems like a fancy stand that adds little to no utility value. I thought the same until I saw how my friend used it.

He essentially used it for layering the sides of the cake with cream or chocolate or whatever icing was on his mind. That’s when it hit me. A normal stand is used for displaying a cake, while a rotatable stand is used to decorate one.

So if your friend is keen on decorating but has not yet acquired a rotatable stand, be a good friend and get that stand as soon as possible.

• Cake decoration set

After the baking comes, the decorating and you know that.

An entire set of cake decorations would include tools that will help create different icings and cut the cake into smaller bite-sized pieces of different shapes and sizes.

Depending on the set, you’d have a greater variety of tools to choose from. There are various sellers who design such tools, so do your research and see what sort of tools are missing and surprise your friend with a gift they will never forget.

• Measuring cups and spoons

Various measuring tools are available for items like flour, sugar, etc. So your friend would already have at least one set. That said, the efficacy of the tool depends on the material used, and while plastic is the most basic material, it tends to get the job done.

However, if you want to go the extra mile, you’d do well to invest in glass measuring cups and spoons for dry items. It’s different for liquids, and you’ll soon learn why.

• Liquid measuring cups

Designed specifically for liquids, these cups are more accurate and help you perfect the recipe the way the author intended you to.

Most amateur bakers don’t have them, and if your friend just started, then be sure to get them one of these.

• Silicone spatulas

These are the new wooden spatulas because you can get more scraped from your bowls than ever before, thereby ensuring that not even a single drop of batter is wasted.

If your friend has a cloud kitchen or if they bake to make money, then such a tool would be their most cherished item.

• Baking trays aren’t basic if they serve an additional purpose.

Having additional trays is not bad, but what if you could find a tray that serves a unique role. For example, if you thought that any tray could be used to bake anything, then you’d be slightly off point.

You can also read about the roles served by various trays to help make the best decision.

Wrapping up

These seven gifts aim at having some form of utility so that whatever you give doesn’t sit away collecting dust but is rather put to good use.

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