Five Gift Ideas for College Students

Five Gift Ideas for College Students

As our children get older, it can be harder to know what to give them as a gift. Many teens have part-time jobs, and this income allows them to buy what they need out of their own money. As a result, birthdays become more difficult and Christmas a challenge. If you are wanting to get your college student child a gift they will appreciate, try these five ideas.

Clothing Vouchers

Vouchers might not seem the most original of gifts, but college students love fashion. The beauty of a voucher for their favorite brand or store is that it can be saved until there’s something they want or need and, unlike money, won’t be frittered away on something else.

Blankets and Cushions

Comfort is important to teenagers and having a cozy dorm room to relax in is vital. Blankets and cushions for a college student’s bed are an excellent choice of gift, perfect for getting comfortable when they’re curled up watching Netflix or when struggling to sleep. Choose funky patterns or designs related to their favorite franchises to bring their own style and personality to their room.

Bean Bags

Much like blankets and cushions, bean bags are a great gift for a student who loves to lounge as they study and relax. Bean bag chairs for adults are an ideal gift for any student as they are versatile pieces of furniture that will last.

With easily washable covers, a bean bag is a more practical choice of seating than alternatives such as sofas and futons, as well as being the perfect place for friends to hang out. Moveable and comfortable, they are practical as well as stylish and are sure to be well received.

Experience Days

The pandemic meant many of us missed key events and none more so than teenagers. At an age when most people are enjoying their first real taste of freedom, current college students were studying at home, isolated and unable to mix with their peers. Gifting an experience is a great way to bring adventure into your college student’s life.

Choose something they will remember forever, such as indoor skydiving or a hot air balloon ride, or treat them to tickets to see their favorite band play live. These special moments will live long in the memory, lasting far longer than a generic gift such as chocolates or toiletries.


College students love technology. If they’re not glued to their phone, they’re watching YouTube, playing on their console, or tapping away on their laptop. Upgrading their favorite gadget is a sure-fire hit of a gift or treat them to accessories such as laptop cases or headsets. Ask what they need before you buy – teenagers can have specific ideas about what they do (and don’t!) want!

Hopefully, these ideas have helped you out, but if you are unsure what to buy the college student in your life, why not ask them what they’d like? It might take away the element of surprise but ensures that whatever you give will be appreciated.

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