25 Funny Hinge Prompt Answers for Girls That Guarantee a Reply

25 Funny Hinge Prompt Answers for Girls That Guarantee a Reply

When you’re on a dating app, making a good first impression can be extremely important. And humor plays a huge role when you want to break the ice and make yourself more appealing to someone you’re interested in. It can help break the tension and remove that initial awkwardness.

So, if you are using Hinge, take inspiration from these funny Hinge prompt answers for girls that guarantee a reply and a long conversation.

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Hinge Prompt Answers


Hinge is a standout dating application because of its unique concept of Hinge prompts. These are designed to work like icebreaker questions that you answer and will be featured on your profile. They can work as great conversation starters that can make or break a potential online relationship.

Here are some tips to remember when writing Hinge prompt answers.

The Dos:

#1. Write short, straight-to-the-point, and witty answers. You don’t want to risk losing your match in the initial conversation.
#2. Put your best humorous personality forward but try to strike a balance. Get funny and witty but don’t cross the line into controversial or sensitive subjects like religion, sex, politics, or culture.
#3. Don’t just be funny but also be witty and relatable when you give your answers.
#4. Be honest. One of the biggest turn-offs in online dating is being insincere or fake. Lies and exaggeration don’t stay hidden for long. Make sure you show off your exciting side but don’t exaggerate or lie about things you’ve never done.
#5. Keep your answers lighthearted and optimistic because serious answers may cause a misinterpretation that you are pessimistic or a cynic — most people would find that off-putting.

The Don’ts:

#1. Copy-paste other people’s Hinge prompt replies. You can take inspiration from the responses you see online but tap into your creativity and own personality to answer the questions.
#2. Provide generic answers because they’re too familiar, bland, boring, and can provide room for misunderstanding, so always opt for engaging replies.
#3. Don’t ramble on in your answers. You only get 150 words for your Hinge response; use them wisely.

25 Funny Hinge Prompt Answers for Girls

Answers for Girls

Humor is and will always be sexy. Most people enjoy talking to someone who can make them laugh and trigger an endorphin boost.

And with these funny Hinge prompt answers for girls, you can easily make yourself more interesting and attractive to the opposite gender.

Funny prompt answers

#1. Hinge Prompt: Worst fad I participated in…
Hinge Prompt Answer: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and planking.

#2. Hinge Prompt: The dorkiest thing about me is…
Hinge Prompt Answer: I collect squishmallows like it’s my job.

#3. Hinge Prompt: Weirdest gifts I ever received/gave?
Hinge Prompt Answer: A check for five dollars.

#4. Hinge Prompt: My Most Irrational Fear Is…
Hinge Prompt Answer: Falling down a manhole in Manhattan.

#5. Hinge Prompt: Dating Me Is Like…
Hinge Prompt Answer: Running a marathon on no breakfast.

#6. Hinge Prompt: I geek out on…
Hinge Prompt Answer: Cat videos.

#7. Hinge Prompt: We’re the same type of weird if…
Hinge Prompt Answer: You dip your French fry in your ice cream or milkshake.

#8. Hinge Prompt: Growing up, I wanted to be…
Hinge Prompt Answer: Taller.

#9. Hinge Prompt: I Won’t Shut Up About:
Hinge Prompt Answer: The injustice that is vegan bacon

Witty Prompt Answers

#10. Hinge Prompt: Two truths and a lie
Hinge Prompt Answer: (1) I can play Fortnite, (2) I lived abroad, and (3) I was part of a ballet company until recently.

#11. Hinge Prompt: First round is on me if…
Hinge Prompt Answer: You can guess what sport I play.

#12. Hinge Prompt: I bet you can’t…
Hinge Prompt Answer: Guess what sport I play.

#13. Hinge Prompt: Worst Idea I’ve Ever Had…
Hinge Prompt Answer: Calling in sick to work and posting a picture two hours later while at a local bar.

#14. Hinge Prompt: My mantra is…
Hinge Prompt Answer: Before you want to criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you’ll be at least one mile away and won’t have to talk to them again.

#15. Hinge Prompt: I know the best spot in town for…
Hinge Prompt Answer: Espresso martinis and hot winter cocktails.

#16. Hinge Prompt: I want someone who…
Hinge Prompt Answer: Isn’t afraid to laugh at themselves, are passionate about the people in their lives, are interested to know where their food comes from, and care enough about their appearance to check for anything stuck in their teeth before they leave the house.

#17. Hinge Prompt: I’m convinced that…
Hinge Prompt Answer: Coffee at night is great for your mental health. Change my mind!

#18. Hinge Prompt: I get along best with people…
Hinge Prompt Answer: Who love breakfasts, but even if you don’t, my cooking skills are guaranteed to change that.

#19. Hinge Prompt: Go-to dish?
Hinge Prompt Answer: S’mores and instant noodles.

Movie Or Pop Culture References Prompt Answers

#20. Hinge Prompt: My favorite line from a movie?
Hinge Prompt Answer: “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”

#21. Hinge Prompt: What is the song of your life?
Hinge Prompt Answer: “Your Hand in Mine” by Explosions in the Sky.

#22. Hinge Prompt: What is the most embarrassing song on your Spotify?
Hinge Prompt Answer: Celine Dion’s “It’s all coming back to me now.”

#23. Hinge Prompt: What’s your favorite Disney movie?
Hinge Prompt Answer: Peter Pan because I refuse to grow up and wish I could fly.

#24. Hinge Prompt: My go-to karaoke song?
Hinge Prompt Answer: Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.”

#25. Hinge Prompt: My Zombie Apocalypse Plan
Hinge Prompt Answer: Stick to my daily routine because zombies love brains and I don’t have any.

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