How To Start Your Journey From Beginner To Pro In FIFA

How To Start Your Journey From Beginner To Pro In FIFA

Despite the solid age of the football simulation franchise, there are still players who are entering the world of virtual football for the first time.

There are quite a lot of such players, given the popularity of the sport, the availability of gaming PCs and consoles for playing at minimum requirements and above.

What a player needs to go through to become a pro from a beginner:

• Choose a team
• Recruit Players
Matches and tournaments
Watch for professional players
Learn tricks and strategies

Choose a team

When you first enter the world of FIFA, the game will ask you to choose a team whose colors you will defend. This will not affect the players that will be available to you initially, since you will have to get the best performers by opening sets and buying players.

Recruit players

Players are taken from pack and bought on the marketplace.

The sets are:

• Bronze
• Silver

From each set, players get the category that the pack corresponds to. The game divides the performers by their coefficients and value from the correspondence to real players. To eat Messi, Ronaldo and Mbappé will always be a priori the best players compared to other players.

What you need to know about kits

Firstly, it is always a lottery, and the cost of each set differs depending on the type. But even purchasing a gold game set does not guarantee that you will get exactly the desired player. You can open a lot of gold packs, spend a lot of coins and pull out a strong, but not optimal composition.

Secondly, the players from the set do not always correspond to the cost paid, but the performers can always be put on the transfer and recapture at least part of the money spent.

Transfer window

On the transfer, you can buy the desired performers that other players have put up for sale. Players set and regulate prices themselves, so keep an eye on price dynamics.

To immediately recruit the desired players at the start of the game, you can do the following:

Go to a special site dedicated to FIFA and buy game coins that will be spent on a good starting lineup, which will make it easier and more enjoyable to play matches with opponents and friends.

Matches and tournaments

Play your first match – no matter what your playing composition is, even assembling a team of superstars, you can lose to everyone in a row without knowing how to play. Experience, as you know, is gained in practice, so go for victories and defeats as soon as possible – without them, you will not grow as a player.

Please note that FIFA regularly hosts in-game tournaments that bring game coins to all participants. Keep in mind that opponents will come across different and you should not get upset because of defeats. Your task is to benefit from each match – to watch new game chips and feints, to analyze your mistakes.

The main task of the tournament for you is to earn coins and game experience.

Watch for professional players

Follow the best FIFA players. You can learn from them how to play correctly, what feints to use, what lineup you are aiming for and why, and much more.

Despite the fact that not many people stream FIFA on twitch, you can still find good players.

The advantage of such views is that you will clearly see the tricks that good players use. It’s great if you get on the stream of an esports player, such people know much more about the game than others.

Learn tricks and strategies

Each football coach has his own corporate identity and set of strategies, and since football is, in a sense, the job of a coach with the ability to control the actions of players, this principle is also applied in FIFA.

Your task is to find the most comfortable player scheme for you. Defensive, Attacking, or focused on ball control.

You can try out all the schemes in game matches and tournaments. Sooner or later you will find the most comfortable strategy for yourself.

As for feints, they play no less important role than the combination of passes and canopies. When you face a really strong opponent, then the control of the ball will depend on the ability to apply tricks and strokes. It will not work just to run past the opponent with the ball – an interception will occur, and a counterattack will begin, which may end with a goal in your goal.

The keys that are involved in feints and strokes can be viewed and reconfigured in the game settings. The gamepad is more convenient to use the keys due to the more compact arrangement, but this is not a prerequisite for good players. Everything depends on habits.

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