flowers to avoid giving

Flower bouquets truly make the best gifts! Especially when you aren’t sure what to get someone. They’re versatile for any occasion and are suitable for all ages and genders. They make up for some of the best-selling gifts in the market!

One popular way to get a gorgeous bouquet is via online flower stores that carry some of the best flower bouquets to impress your loved ones for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. And they’re often bought with a bottle of wine or yummy chocolates.

But did you know that not all flowers are appropriate for gifting? In reality, some bouquets may contain flowers that kill romance and may instead communicate the opposite to the person you wish to impress.

We’ve narrowed down the ten flowers you shouldn’t give your significant other on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or even at all! Make sure none of these unromantic selections ruins your relationship!

1. Daffodils

Daffodils are lovely. Still, it’s preferable to leave these perfect springtime icons in the garden. This is because they are members of the Narcissus family and, like their namesake, are usually associated with arrogance and self-indulgence. The recipient of your bouquet might find this a little distasteful.

2. Buttercups

There is a reason why buttercups are rarely found in floral arrangements. They stand for childishness, just like their namesake, which sounds cute. It’s wise not to gift buttercups to someone you care about, no matter how sweet you think it is. It isn’t polite.

3. Yellow Carnations

Yellow carnations are pretty and might even look good in bouquets, but sadly they are frequently connected to contempt and rejection. Yikes! So giving someone a bouquet of carnations might show an intent to end your relationship with them. Sometimes the flower even goes as far as to harbour hatred for someone.

4. Butterfly Weed

Under no circumstances should you send the butterfly weed if you value your relationship. These flowers, although beautiful, have a rude and off-putting vibe. Simply put, this flower implies, “Leave me!” Please don’t say we didn’t warn you!

5. Lavender

Lavender has many uses and may smell fantastic and look lovely, but it falls short as Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift. This is due to the plant’s potential connotation of distrust in some circles. That would undoubtedly make any Valentine’s bouquet depressing and kill the mood.

6. Orange lilies

Lilies are some of the most popular gift flowers as they are truly gorgeous. Especially the white kind. Lilies come in various colours but the one to stay away from is the orange varieties. Though beautiful and regarded as lovely and well-liked flowers, these species stand for pride, hatred, and contempt. Goodness!

7. Cyclamen

If you’ve recently broken up with someone, cyclamen are a fantastic flower to send as they represent separation. But if you’re in a happy relationship with your partner, we suggest staying away from these bad vibes but otherwise beautiful flowers.

8. Aconite

Avert your eyes from the drooping petals and eye-catching purple and blue hues of the Aconite. It’s not a flower you should ever present to your special someone. This is because these seemingly pretty blooms symbolise hatred! However, this is a perfect flower to gift to send anonymously (or not) to your enemies.

9. Petunias

Petunias may have a lovely name and a harmless appearance. Unfortunately, there is anger hidden beneath that benign exterior. Yes, petunias are regarded as the flowers of bitterness and anger. It reminds us of someone from Harry Potter, no?

10. Yellow Chrysanthemums

These flowers are among the worst romance killers! They’re frequently used in the west as a symbol of sympathy, and gifting them to someone will get you in hot water, as most people associate these exquisite flowers with sadness and neglect. You best stick to drinking them as tea.

Be sure to avoid blue or yellow flowers, as these colours give out negative vibes like rejection, resentment, mistrust, and sometimes even death. So be mindful the next time you get a bouquet of flowers for your significant other!

Luckily, they are often found in nurseries and bought individually. Online flower shops know about these taboo flowers and don’t carry them. So you will have better luck buying the correct flowers online from some of the best online florists, with an array of beautiful flowers to choose from too!

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