First Year Students Struggling With Anxiety

A new environment always brings stress. When you enter a new stage of your life that involves a lot of new people and responsibilities, it’s always overwhelming, especially if you’re a teenager who has just become a college student.

Many students don’t know where to start and freeze in front of all the challenges. Others dive deep into the learning process and eventually have to deal with burnout because of the attempts to handle everything without asking for help. Often, they are driven by anxiety that can ruin one’s life if not taken care of timely. So, we’ve prepared some tips for you to know how to overcome first-year’s anxiety.

Define the Source

Anxiety is about not knowing what happens next and being not able to deal with the consequences. However, the key is not to know all the possible solutions to any problem you might face but to be ready to handle the problem when it actually manifests.

You can’t be prepared for every possible scenario, so it’d be wise to focus on what you can handle right now. And right now, you can try to find out where the fear of not being able to handle potential issues comes from. It can be about your family or past mistakes. So, your task is to find what triggered this lack of confidence in the first place.

Also, it’s a must to separate out what drives and feeds your anxiety:

• high expectations from your parents
• desire to prove that you’re perfect
• too many demanding teachers
• not spending time relaxing and doing something you really like

Anything from the list above can add to the stress and wear you out. Is it the pressure from various professors stating that their subject should be your first priority? Well, some of them might be right, but you have only two hands and limited capacity, so search “do my homework” online to delegate writing assignments and go deal with something no one can help you with.

Is it the fact that you try to please your parents? Then it’s time to think about your own values and not about what others expect from you and life. You might not receive amazing grades or study in the institution someone expected you to enter. Yet, if you extend your knowledge and develop new skills, it’s more than enough.

Grades can be improved with time when you get used to the new rules. And obtaining a degree in an elite learning institution is mostly overrated and puts even more pressure. So, pay attention to what you can gain from the new environment. This is where you can find peace, energy, and motivation.

Ask For Advice from Senior Students

You can ask them all kinds of questions like ‘what professors to look out for?’, ‘is EssayPro legit?’, or ‘what subjects are the most important?’. This will give you a better perspective of the real situation. Otherwise, you may treat absolutely everything seriously, and that is one of the biggest threats to one’s resilience and motivation, especially if the person is prone to anxiety.

Ditch Multitasking

An anxious mind is the best friend of distractions. So, if you try multitasking, it may drive you crazy. Switching between numerous tasks can be detrimental to your effectiveness in this case because you won’t be able to focus on your thoughts and rather do everything like a machine.

The thinking process requires time and concentration. And the latter is impossible to achieve if you try to write an essay and regularly scroll the chat with your classmates discussing an upcoming test and check the material you need to revise to pass it.

That’s why it’s important to focus on the task at hand. Is it the test? Well, start preparing for it. Read the most difficult topics in silence. Turn off the notifications and put away your phone – you’ll catch up with all those thighs later, the chat won’t get erased if you don’t read it for a couple of hours.

You might wonder: but what about the urgent essay? Well, be honest with your teacher and ask them for an extension. You can even do it together with your classmates to increase your chances to succeed. As a last resort option, there are the best assignment services you can address to dedicate your time to the test preparation and not worry about the deadline.

Create a Schedule

One of the best ways to nip anxiety in the bud is to make your days more or less predictable, or, let’s say, structured. For instance, if you decide to dedicate this and that day to writing a paper, you won’t think about whether you should start writing it now or tomorrow. There will be less room for doubt because you have planned it beforehand.

Also, keep track of all the minor things that are not worth your constant attention, not in your mind but on paper or in a convenient app.


No, you don’t have to go to the gym regularly or run marathons. Choose the type of exercise to your liking and according to how much you can handle. It can be 10-15 minutes of meditation in the morning and before you go to bed. You can simply try some breathing techniques every time you feel overwhelmed. They take not more than 5 minutes of your time but are very helpful in finding the balance.

If you have a dog, do some activities together. Simple fooling around and running after each other is a great distraction from all your worries and also good for your pet. What’s more, it’s not boring!

Cut on Caffeine

Coffee, coke, and energy drinks might seem like a perfect way to manage it all, especially if you struggle to get out of bed every single day. Yet, they can provoke anxiety and, thus, sabotage all your effort. Try healthier alternatives for waking up your mind and body. It can be a cup of ginseng tea, a quick workout, or even dancing to your favorite music.


Mind that anxiety can have various effects on your well-being, and dealing with its severe cases should involve a professional. That’s why in case the tips above have little to no good effect, consider addressing a counselor. They will analyze the issues you deal with and help you sort out the deepest concerns of yours.

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