Finding The Perfect Vacation Rental 

The “Burj Khalifa” city is one of the most visited vacation places in the world. It is home to dozens of towering skyscrapers, luxurious malls, restaurants, and many other adventurous places tourists and vacationers love to visit. 

Given the multicultural condition of the country, you’ll get to blend in easily, and as long as you speak English, you won’t have communication problems. However, staying in vacation homes is better than hotels and in this piece, you’ll discover ideal ways to find vacation rentals in Dubai.

Why Rentals And Not Hotels? 

Of course, hotels have been the status quo as far as vacationing is concerned, but then Airbnb came on the scene alongside many other home rental businesses, transforming the entire travel experience. 

Unlike hotels, vacation rentals offer travelers an entire apartment or villa to themselves. They get a well-equipped kitchen, a charming living room, and lots of luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, video games, novels, and many other things that make them feel “at home” as a vacationer. 

See why rentals are now more preferred than hotels? 

Many rentals are also situated in neighborhoods, giving travelers a feeling of being among local folks. Hotels are situated in high-brow areas, and this makes the travel experience generic and colorless. You don’t get to experience the typical life of Dubai residents. 

On the financial front, it’s also cheaper. You can book an entire apartment or condo to accommodate your friends or your family. This makes your spending cost-effective. Plus, you can also decide to cook your food, buy things at the normal price at the local market near your rented apartment, and spend less. 

So, if you’re planning a Dubai vacation, staying in a rental is much better. Vacations are best enjoyed this way. 

Different Vacation Rental Options in Dubai  

Dubai features different rental options that suit your specific needs and budget especially. And most types of rentals include: 


Want to stay in a central location in the “Burj Khalifa” city? Apartments are ideal for you. Dubai offers many budget-friendly apartments you can stay in during your vacation. 

And they feature convenient amenities like a gym, swimming pool, and the like. 


Villas are spacier than apartments. This makes them the ideal choice for families, and friends. If you’re going on a group vacation, you can book a villa to stay in. There are many budget-friendly villas in Dubai for you. 


Townhouses are rentals situated in a community. So, if you’re interested in experiencing Dubai in its local form and with its local folks, you might want to book a town rental when you vacation in Dubai.

Bonding with the locals could be fun, and Dubai residents are quite welcoming. 


Resorts are quite luxurious, and it can be pretty costlier to book them. However, they offer top-notch amenities such as bars, gyms, restaurants, and security. 

Some Dubai resorts also go as far as offering spa treatments for their guests. It can be quite costly to stay in one, but your vacation time will be worth it. 

Steps On Finding The Perfect Vacation Rental

To find the rental that suits you, here are some things you must do: 

Decide on The Place You Wish To Stay

First things first. Where do you wish to stay? Dubai has different neighborhoods and there are many tourist attraction sites you’d love to visit when you come. Thus, it’s ideal you pick a location that is close to these places. 

Tourists and other vacationers prefer staying in places such as Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and many other popular places. They choose these places because they are close to attractive places they’d like to visit. 

So, consider where in Dubai you’d like to explore before booking a rental. 

What’s Your Budget? 

You need to also decide how much you’re willing to spend to book a rental. Dubai is a really popular tourist attractive country and as such rental prices could change when there’s a traveling frenzy, during festive seasons, and also as a result of rental renovation. 

As much as Dubai offers budget-friendly rentals, you need to consider such factors listed above when budgeting for your vacation. 

Check For Rentals With Amenities You Need  

This is quite important. If you want amenities such as a swimming pool, and a gym, you must ensure the rental you book has these amenities. 

Read Guest Reviews 

TripAdvisor is a website you can check out for guest reviews before booking a rental. If there are positive reviews, that could be a good sign, but if there are so many negative reviews, you should look for one with positive reviews. 


Dubai is a great country to spend your vacation. However, you’ll enjoy it better if you stay in a vacation rental. It offers you dozens of benefits. It offers you an entire villa or apartment to yourself with top-notch amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, and the like. 

It offers you a quality traveling experience. 

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