find time for each other during finals

When we enter university, we not only are blessed to get an education but also provided with the chance to expand our social circle. We get acquainted with new people, make a lot of friends, sometimes even rivals and enemies, and, of course, fall in love. It is a common thing to be in a relationship during the studentship. But breakups are also not that rare.

Due to all the stress accompanied by deadlines, coursework, finals, and, of course, tons of essays, students become extremely overwhelmed and overloaded. Some, instead of turning to a professional essay writer on EssayPro, decide to pull an all-nighter. As a result, they are too tired to take care of themselves, let alone their partner’s feelings.

Thus, even the strongest couples who are planning a wedding tend to split up. Of course, such difficulties can serve as a test that proves to us if we are dating the right person and if we both are willing to deal with obstacles together. Besides, this tough period exposes the tiniest and unnoticed problems that have been present in a relationship for a long time. But obstacles can also strengthen the feelings we have for our partners.

We want you to understand that having your partner by your side is of vital importance when you are stressed out with studies, especially finals. Knowing that someone cares about you and is ready to comfort you at any time or lend an ear will automatically calm you down and boost your mood. That’s why in this article, we want to share some tips on how you can balance relationships and studies. 

Plan Your Time Wisely

Knowing how to manage your time is an essential skill for a student, regardless of whether or not you are in a relationship. Here are the tips on how to keep yourself on track and manage time properly:

  • Plan in advance for mutually important activities such as regular phone conversations. It can also be home visits so you can spend enough time with your family and your boyfriend or girlfriend. While you’re talking, try to do other tasks without sacrificing communication with your partner.
  • Plan ahead. This is a major component of successful time management. There are many different ways to do this. At the beginning of the semester, it is necessary to make a list of things to do, activities, and events while indicating which ones are the most important. It is also necessary to specify a deadline, i.e., a final deadline by which things must be done. Short-term planning is making a to-do list for the coming day, which is convenient to make in advance before going to bed or during your morning coffee.
  • Waiting in line, using public transport, etc., are inevitable in everyday life. You can, however, try to use this time usefully: repeat notes, listen to an audiobook, start learning a foreign language or just take a nap, which is especially important for any busy student.
  • Limit the use of time-consuming things. This is an especially important point for any student of the Millennial generation who cannot imagine life without gadgets. Time management does not force you to completely abandon social networks or your favorite computer games. The point is to take control of this by yourself.

Create a system of rewards and punishments. When you give yourself a reward for the completed plan you can let yourself, for example, spend 15 minutes on Instagram. Of course, this system requires a lot of stamina and willpower. If you try hard, you will see for yourself how much time is wasted on unnecessary browsing of other people’s photos, small news, etc.

Dating Should Be a Desirable Goal, Not a Burden 

Regular meetings while combining relationships and studies can help both of you to boost your mood and motivation and be happy. Keep in mind, however, that excessive pressure or demands can have negative consequences for both the relationship and your studies.

  • Consider the time and financial costs your loved one has to bear in order to visit you. Don’t demand more from the person than they can afford.
  • If necessary, set ground rules for the frequency of visits. Try to visit each other during breaks from studies.

Take Advantage of Opportunities for Personal Growth 

Whether or not you are in a relationship, the university offers great opportunities for self-development. Besides, you also need to focus on acing finals that are already around the corner. No one knows how long your relationship will last, but one thing is for sure – people who don’t graduate, regret it later on.

Always wanted to play in a band? Go for it. Are you interested in enrolling in an elective biochemistry class? Don’t miss this chance. Want to work on a student newspaper? Try it! Opportunities like these don’t come along very often.

Keep in Touch as Often as Possible

Arrange your schedule wisely so that you can communicate through calls, texts, emails, and so on. Think of additional communication options that allow you to spend more time together

Undoubtedly, distance and education make a difference in a relationship. Among other things, try to find and develop common habits and activities that will strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

Notice the Little Things in Your Partner’s life 

It’s easy to lose sight of many aspects of your partner’s life while dedicating the entire time to studies. It’s also difficult to keep track of when you have met each other or sent an unexpected gift. That’s why it is always better to send your partner flowers or gifts. Or send your lover weekly letters of encouragement before they go on their heavy weekend shift.

Do Things Together

Nothing can replace the presence of your partner next to you on the cozy couch. But try watching your favorite TV series and discussing it over the phone or in messages to brighten up the distance between you at least a little. You can even try an old-fashioned, no-modern technology technique – watching the same starry sky simultaneously.

  • Pick up a new hobby or activity together. Anything from karate lessons to stamp collecting will strengthen the connection between each other. You can do a hobby separately, but just do not forget to share your emotions and experiences every evening or several times a week.
  • You can sign up for the same elective class in the same semester. Discuss common features and differences, and help each other remember physics formulas or French rules you learned during classes.
  • Plan a vacation together. Having a rest from studies and traveling around the world will not only help you to get rid of stress but also is a chance to enjoy yourselves. Find some cheap destination and spend at least a couple of days together.

Rejoice in Meetings 

Learn to feel genuine joy from meetings, but don’t set yourself up to make the most of every second. Just being together, watching TV, or doing other things that interest you is enough. Learn to enjoy your partner’s presence. This is your opportunity to have a quiet, relaxed, and enjoyable time together. Try to do it without unnecessary pressure or awkwardness.

Summing Up

Student life is a wonderful but difficult time when studies, personal life, and even work all meet at the same point in your life. Some people may live their entire lives with their university partner, while others end the relationship before the first finals.

Accept the possibility of both and think about the aspects you can control. Make the kind of effort your relationship deserves. If it doesn’t work out, consider the situation as one of the many lessons this period of your life has to offer. But if you take into account the tips we have provided you with, you will learn how to combine education and relationships without any sacrifices. 

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