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Planning to buy an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task. You want to ensure you get a perfect engagement ring that your partner will love, especially since rings are a hefty investment; you want to get this right.

Searching for the right ring means you need to know about the many different aspects of one. Luckily, this article will share some key tips to help you find the perfect engagement ring for your partner and ensure that your proposal is an event to remember.

1. Select the Right Metal for the Ring

There are multiple variations of metal that you can choose from for your ring. Usually, the rings are made from platinum, silver, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. The ring that you choose helps enhance the personality of your ring’s design. If chosen correctly, it can also complement and help elevate the look of the ring’s gem.

Although some metals might look similar, there are rarer metals than others, which also scratch harder. So it’s good to consider your partner’s daily activities to increase the metal’s resistance if needed. Although prices increase with metals such as aluminum, you must also consider your budget.

2. Set the Style for the Ring

Choosing the right setting style for your diamond is important to consider when finding the perfect ring. The setting style is how the diamond will be mounted in the ring, and overall shows how it’s presented. A setting style can help match your partner’s style and personality, so choosing a setting they like is important.

3. Determine the Best Diamond for the Ring

The Four C’s is the most important aspect when searching for the perfect engagement ring for your partner. These C’s are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Learning the four C’s can help you determine which of these four is the most important element when finding the right diamond.

You can prioritize the cut of the diamond over its color, or you can prioritize the clarity. Ultimately, knowing the four C’s can help you find the possible diamond engagement rings that can perfectly represent the love of your life.

4. Properly Measure the Ring Finger

An obvious but overlooked aspect of buying an engagement ring is having the proper measurement for your partner’s ring finger. Your engagement ring must fit your partner’s finger perfectly. The ring should not be very tight that it can hurt their finger or too loose that it could fall off. If you want to keep it a surprise, find some sneaky ways for you to figure out your partner’s measurements.

5. Ask Help from Friends

It could be a tremendous help for your friends or your partner’s friends to assist you in finding the perfect ring. Shopping for an engagement ring is a scary thing, but by having outside opinions, it can feel less overwhelming to find the perfect ring. You can ask your married friends for advice on the ring, or you can even ask your partner’s best friend to learn more about her taste in engagement rings.

6. Choose a Ring that is Meant for Your Partner

When finding an engagement ring, you should never buy one you see as a trend. Buying a trendy ring can seem distasteful as it will come out that you didn’t put a lot of effort into finding a ring for your partner. 

An engagement ring represents your love for each other, so you should buy a ring that screams that it belongs to the love of your life. A more unique and well-thought-out ring will always be better than the current trends.


Having the perfect engagement ring can show your partner how much time, thought, and effort you put into giving her a ring. It will help make your proposal a more romantic event that she will surely not forget. With these tips to help you determine the different aspects of an engagement ring, it’s now easier to find the perfect one for your partner. Good luck!

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