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When we hear about the UK, immediately we are reminded of the rich culture of the nation and their infatuation with sports especially. Currently, there are many sports channels in the UK like Eurosports, ESPN, Sky Sports, etc. but there are some channels that can not be left out of the list just because they are geo-restricted. For example, Kayo sports and beIN sports in the UK are geo-restricted and cannot be streamed without a premium VPN.

If we look at it with facts, Sports have a significant impact on the lives of people living in this world. England is no exception to this rule, sports play a major role in moulding the lifestyles of the people residing within the UK.

Here we have compiled a list of 10 most famous sports played in the UK. Continue reading if you are also a sports fanatic in the UK.

1. Football

Evidently, Football is the most popular sport in England. It was in the year 1863 when the first rules were set up for Football in the UK which eventually developed into the modern laws of the game today. Merely, it is the simplicity of this one sport which makes it extremely popular not just in the UK but all over the world. It is a kids favourite at a very early age and is encouraged to play in schools as well.

Football is every household’s favorite sport, especially in the UK. It has been found out that in the UK only, there are approximately 40,000 association football clubs. You can imagine the football craze in this region specifically.

2. Cricket

Cricket is another UK favorite as it has got ardent fan following all over the country. The sport has originated from the UK and has gained popularity all over the world. Currently, it is known that there are about 20 cricket clubs in the UK.

Cricket is in fact the national sport of England and one of the most popular cricket stadiums of the world, Lord’s is also situated in the home of cricket, i.e. the UK.

3. Rugby

Rugby is another popular sport in the UK that is known for its terrific fan following. Rugby and Cricket are two sports that originated from England. It is also the national sport of Wales which potentially gives us the gist about the immense popularity of this sport.

The government of the UK also supports and promotes the Rugby league and the Rugby union as well. It is one of the most liked sports of the UK sports fans. Rugby is also presented in the Olympics which brings tremendous joy and pride to the UK as a country.

4. Lawn Tennis

Lawn Tennis is considerably another popular sport in the UK. It is a bit slow in terms of its progress but it will eventually become the identity and symbol of the country. The UK hosts one of the 4 more important grand slams of Wimbledon.

Not just in the UK, but Wimbledon has viewership from all over the world. Tennis from all over the world flock in the UK to witness this amazing sport.

5. Swimming

Up till now, you must have figured this out that the people of the UK are sports enthusiasts. Swimming is another major sport that is loved by the people residing in the UK. In fact, Great Britain is known for the most attractive looking athletes all over the world.

British Paralympics’ Association and British Olympic Association are two different international swimming competitions that are organised in the UK every year.

6. Athletics

Athletics is one more popular sport that has gained immense attention in the UK region. England is the one single country to have the greatest number of athletes. There are athletes like Rebecca Adlington and Keri Anne Payne.

7. Badminton

Badminton is a world-renowned sport that is growing exponentially all over the UK due to the increasing participation. It is played in International Competitions like the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.

The UK has frequently been a part of all such international competitions and also won Olympic medals that gained world attention. It is without a doubt an extremely famous sport in the UK.

8. Rowing

Have you heard about the Amateur Rowing Association of the UK, it is one of the most popular rowing bodies in the world. This association is also responsible for development in Rowing at the international level.

Thames Rowing Club and London Rowing club gave us legendary rowers like Geofrrey Taylor.

9. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey UK is affiliated with the International Ice Hockey Federation. It was the IIHF that changed the British Ice Hockey Association. IIHF arranges and organizes all the major ice hockey events in the UK.

Ice Hockey is an extremely popular game in the US as well.

10. Net Ball

Netball is the least favorite sport amongst the sports fans in the UK and even in the world, it is not enjoyed as much as Football or Cricket. In the year 1999, the  NetBall Super League was formed. Currently it takes athletes from England, Wales and New Zealand.


These were the top 10 most famous sports played in the UK. Share your opinions and ideas in the comments below.

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