engagement ring shopping changed

Purchasing wedding rings is a big investment. These rings will be something that you and your partner keep for years, and you need to make sure you choose rings that fit both of your tastes and budget. Since the pandemic, shopping for a wedding ring has changed significantly. Here are five ways engagement ring shopping has changed since COVID-19 started.

1. Engagement Ring Sales Have Spiked

One of the most interesting things to come from the pandemic is that engagement rings sales have spiked. Some retailers have seen sales increase by about 30%. This most likely has to do with the fact that there’s a lot of uncertainty as to what could happen in the future right now. Because of this, many individuals are choosing to get engaged rather than waiting for a better time to pop the big question.

2. Couples Are Buying Wedding Rings Quicker

Couples are no longer waiting months to buy an engagement ring. Once they see one that they like, they often make the purchase right away. They don’t want to go to multiple stores to try to find the perfect engagement ring. Many of them choose to buy a wedding ring quickly so that they can get married as soon as possible.

3. Couples Are Spending More on Engagement Rings

In the past, many couples wanted to be thrifty and would set a small budget when they were shopping for an engagement ring. Since COVID-19, a lot of couples are spending more on engagement rings than they would have in the past. This has to do with the fact that they aren’t able to take lavish honeymoons due to travel restrictions, and they are having smaller weddings that cost less. Because they have extra money to spend, they are choosing to spend more on their engagement and wedding rings.

4. A Shift to Online Shopping

During this time, many couples don’t want to set foot in a store to shop for an engagement ring. This is why we are now seeing more couples purchasing engagement rings online than ever before.

Many individuals like the fact that they can view a wide variety of different types of rings without ever having to leave the comfort of their couch. Some retailers also offer virtual appointments so that couples can still ask questions and get assistance from a professional even though they are doing their shopping online. Online jewelry shopping requires attention to jewelry photography. Beautiful jewelry photography demonstrates trustworthiness.

5. Socially-Distanced In-Store Shopping

For those that would rather shop for an engagement ring in-store, they will find that a lot of retailers are offering an in-store shopping experience that utilizes social distancing. These retailers are only letting a certain number of customers into their stores at one time, and many couples feel as if the shopping experience is more intimate and personalized this way.

COVID-19 isn’t stopping couples from getting engaged. However, it is impacting engagement ring shopping in quite a few different ways that may change the way couples shop for rings for years to come.

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