end lease for storage unit

These days renting out a place to store your stuff is pretty common. Since there is a shortage of good storage space inside most modern housing, there is a major demand for good self-storage units

However, problems arise, when you have to end a lease with the storage unit owner. Especially if you go through private sources and small business owners. This is in today’s article, we are going to instruct you to safely and legally end a storage unit lease. So without further ado, let’s hop on.

Check the documents before booking the place

Before selecting a storage unit to store your belongings, we highly recommend you look through the papers more carefully. This is because usually, these lease papers have most of the information regarding the vacate notice and refundability of the security deposit. These are the two major factors that you must check if you’re trying to rent an inventory place.

Make sure that the vacating notice complies with the period written on the agreement. Also make sure that you have another place to store inventory, before making this decision, as this can prove to be fatal for your business when done wrong.

Before signing any documents, thoroughly review them, always. Make sure the transportation is also arranged, so when you leave the storage unit, there isn’t any need to wait, until the packing is done. 

Clean the storage unit

Most of the storage unit owners appreciate it if you leave the storage unit clean. Also, they do get it cleaned properly afterward, but if you get it cleaned for them, then the termination of the lease is possible faster than usual. Also, cleaning does not necessarily mean rigorous cleaning, and hence if you are not the person that would get it done, it shouldn’t be an obstacle.

Make sure to remove everything in the unit, as when you end the lease, the ownership of the storage unit and its contents, goes to the storage company. This is why we highly recommend a thorough checking of the storage unit before giving it away. Especially, if you’ve rented a large storage unit, then a thorough check-up is essential. 

Give them a notice period

If and when you’re vacating the storage unit, you should always give the storage unit owners a notice period. This term is also decided at the time of agreement and is a mutual agreement between both the parties to make sure that both have time for the processing. 

Since the storage items take time to be vacated and moved, a notice period is essential. Usually, people give a 30-day notice period, which is basically a transition month for the customer. 

Submit your keys to the main office and keep a record of it

Again, since you don’t want people to incriminate you unnecessarily, we highly recommend that you make a record of your submitting the keys to the main office. If the storage unit owners lose the keys, then you don’t want to be the one being accused. This is just a safety measure for you when you decide to vacate your storage unit 

Make sure your personal details are still relevant

Since every company makes a record of the people who store their stuff, you should be making sure that your personal details are still valid. This is a case that has happened more times than not, where people have moved to different addresses, without that being updated in the storage unit company. 

This causes problems for both the company and the customers as important messages are relayed via post. This is why it is very important to make sure you have updated your personal information in their database. 


The above-mentioned few steps are very important points to check off your list when you’re ending the lease with a storage company. If this is your first time through the process, it is very important to understand these steps as they’re really relevant in the storage unit industry. We’re sure this article has cleared your doubts regarding the vacation of your storage unit. Till then, keep scrolling, and spread the word. 

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