elevate the look of your home

The internet has taken design to an all-new level, helping many realize that they have the ability to make their home look beautiful. There are a number of ways to create an elevated space, and while inspiration is abundant, it is essential to take these 10 tips into consideration when elevating your own space.

1. Add Architectural Detail 

There are a variety of different ways to add architectural detail, from crown molding to fireplace mantels to wall treatments. Not only do these added details create interest in your home, but they also add texture and contrast that screams high-end.   

2. Pick the Right Furniture

The furniture you select helps to set the tone for your space. When selecting furniture, it is best to stick with neutral colors, which act as your base for additional colors and textures. 

Another element in selecting the right furniture is to find a couple of key pieces that have character and charm. They will stand out in your design, acting as a focal point, and will also have a one-of-a-kind, more expensive feel. 

3. Accessorize 

Once you have created your base, never underestimate the power of accessorizing your home. From the pillows on your couches and beds to the art you hang on your walls, everything can contribute to an elevated feel if you select the right pieces. Your pillows can be seasonal, so don’t be afraid to play with different colors and textures. 

Also, selecting art that speaks to you or is sentimental can help not only elevate your design, but showcase your personality in your home. This helps to make your home feel more personal and unique.

4. Built Ins

Adding built-ins to your space gives a luxurious feel. Not all built-ins have to be expensive. There are many DIY hacks that can significantly reduce the price of the project, helping make your home functional and stylish. 

5. Update Fixtures

From the hardware on your cabinets to the door handles and lights, updating your fixtures can instantly make your space look new. This is especially important when designing and decorating an older home, as the details are often overlooked, but pack the biggest punch. 

6. Create an Illusion

One of the best ways to make your home look more expensive is to give the illusion that it’s bigger than it is. This can be achieved in many ways. Hanging your drapes higher and wider makes your windows appear larger than they are. Also, by adding well-placed mirrors, you can expand your space visually, if not physically. Also, by adding ceiling treatments like planks, your eye is drawn up, and your ceilings tend to appear taller than they are.  

7. Use Fresh Greenery

Fresh greenery always helps to enliven a space, making it appear fresh and inviting. Bringing in fresh-cut flowers to your home instantly adds color and life to your space. 

8. Maintain Home

Never underestimate the power of a clean and clutter-free home. By maintaining your home, your well-designed space and carefully-selected furniture and accessories will properly shine, and not be overshadowed by a dirty and ill-cared for environment. 

9. Lighting

Lighting of all shapes and sizes also helps to elevate your home. Light fixtures can often be statement pieces in your home, drawing the eye up. Additionally, lamps can also aid in creating a comforting and warm home. Not to mention, they add a certain degree of ambiance. 

10. Scents

One of the first things that individuals notice, sometimes before they even step foot into your home, is the smell of your home. Make sure that you are putting your best foot forward by selecting and disseminating scents in a thoughtful and subtle way to create the right impression. 


Homes are a good reflection of those who live there. We have never before had the access to the inspiration that we do today, and by adequately employing that inspiration, you too can design and make the home of your dreams. 

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