does amazon deliver on sunday

If there’s one name that’s synonymous with online shopping worldwide, it’s Amazon. From fashion and electronics to groceries and essentials, there’s practically nothing that Amazon can’t deliver. However, a nagging question in most people’s minds is, “Does Amazon deliver on Sunday?”

As Amazon is a customer-focused company, it offers several provisions to make customer’s lives easy and convenient. One of those perks is Sunday delivery. However, there are some clauses and conditions associated with this. Let’s go over some necessary information about Amazon Sunday delivery timings.

Does Amazon Deliver on Sunday?

Amazon Deliver

The short answer is, yes, Amazon delivers on Sundays. Though there are some underlying factors to consider.

1. Location

Sunday delivery by Amazon is only for certain areas and certain products. Though most cities and states in the USA are qualified for Amazon Sunday deliveries, there are still some areas in the US where this does not hold. Also, to be eligible for free same-day delivery, the order charge should be over $35.

2. Carrier Partners

Another factor is that Amazon works with several carriers in the US, not just one. Hence, Sunday delivery also depends largely on these carriers. Some carriers offer Sunday delivery while others don’t. Though Amazon works with some independent carriers too, ultimately the outcome rests on the carrier.

3. Amazon Prime

One of the guaranteed ways to receive a delivery on a Sunday is by opting for an Amazon Prime membership. Along with several perks and facilities, Amazon Prime members enjoy Sunday delivery. However, even non-prime members of Amazon are also entitled to Sunday residential delivery.

The only requirement here is that the ordered product should be present at the Amazon warehouse. These products are popularly called FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon, products.

4. Amazon Locker

As most of us are home on weekends, it can be the ideal time to receive products. And in some cases, people are home only on a certain weekend. But since Sunday delivery depends on the dealer and Prime membership, this can be a problem. Here’s where Amazon’s locker comes into play.

How does it work? Your package will be delivered to one of the nearby businesses like a grocery store or drug store. Once delivered, you’ll receive a notification from Amazon along with the one-time code with which you can unlock the locker. This lets you collect the parcel on Sunday or any day the particular business or store is open.

If you are a Prime member all your delivery charges, including the standard delivery charges, are waived off. The non-prime members, however, need to pay the standard delivery charges that are applicable on the weekdays too.

What Time Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays?

What Time Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays

Though factors like distance from the warehouse and transit time affect delivery time, the standard Sunday delivery time is from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 pm.

How does Amazon Sunday Delivery Work?

Owing to the huge popularity of this e-commerce giant, the United States Postal Service (USPS) finalized a Sunday delivery deal with Amazon in 2013. Though USPS does not run its regular services on Sunday, it delivers packages for some of its select customers like Amazon.

A Few Parting Words

So, does Amazon Deliver on Sunday? Although Amazon does not operate on a Sunday for standard deliveries, if you have a Prime membership, you can expect the delivery on Sunday.

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