The Ultimate Guide To Designing Your Own Package

The Ultimate Guide To Designing Your Own Package

Package design is a concept that is harder to implement than it is to conceptualize. However, if you are a business owner or have recently been involved in any business’s operations side, you’d know what I am talking about.

The goal of this article is to give you many interesting ideas so that you can add that additional flair to your packaging. Don’t be too quick to dismiss any suggestion, as it is essential to see how even a single idea could boost sales.

When we talk about package design, we usually talk about tweaking the literal design of the package. However, it turns out that we can also tweak the material used to package a product and see how that affects the perception of our product.

• Add custom stamps

A stamp is much more than a fancy design; it is a message. But when you add stamps to your packaging, they become symbols, and it is a symbol that helps identify a business.

When asked to think of a big, golden ‘M,’ what do you think of? Most of you would say McDonald’s because of the association we have made between the product/ business and the symbol, or in this case, their logo.

Custom stamps can be used to create logos or to propagate business slogans and taglines. Still, in all honesty, it all depends on how creative you can get because the main point remains the same, your package’s design ought to get the customer excited about your product.

• Tweak the type of packaging

You can think of two things when someone talks about the type of packaging; the first is the material used, while the second could be the shape itself, like is it packed in a tube or a box or a jar or a pouch?

In this section, we discuss the shape of the packaging as that is an area that is largely unexplored. This is where you get to flaunt your creativity.

Think about it this way, a jam comes in a tube and a jar but have you ever seen cola being offered in a jar? What if someone were to do that? Would it sell more? Would it be perceived differently?

The honest answer is that it depends on how well the idea has been executed. If your product is traditionally packaged in a box, see what other shape options you’ve got within the same price range.

Maybe changing the shape would startle the customer initially. Still, eventually, they’d associate that unique packaging with your product. No longer is your product just another delivery item but rather one that stands apart from the rest and is recognized instantly.

• Send custom messages/notes

A fortune cookie must taste delicious, but it is not the taste we are after, is it?

When we think of a fortune cookie, all of us think about the two-liner prediction that we would look for in the packaging. Of course, this prediction can be complete fiction but just like reading our horoscope gives us joy, reading something like this allows us to feel good and associate that good feeling with the product itself.

If a cookie can get so much attention just by adding a two-liner note, imagine the success you could have if your packaging included something personal, not necessarily heartfelt, but something bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

• Make your logo more memorable.

A logo is not just a design, but rather it is a design that represents your business. Therefore it goes without saying that a lot of thought must be put into a logo before you decide to put it out there.

But given that most of you reading this article would already have a powerful logo in mind, the next question that arises is, where do you place it?

Do you place it in the center of your package or on the top left or the bottom right? Where would it get maximum attention?

If you can’t figure that out, here’s a guide on logo designing and placement. It mainly caters to logos for websites, but I implemented some fabulous strategies by taking ideas from here.

For instance, it said that since everyone (all of my target audience and existing customers) reads from left to right, the logo would make the maximum impact if it were to be placed on the left, and doing that has made my design more recognizable or so I am told.

In summation, I’d leave you with this. Even if your business is doing well, redesigning the package will help boost it, and if it isn’t doing well, it will once you implement the necessary changes.

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