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How To Decorate Your Living Room With Plants

How To Decorate Your Living Room With Plants

It’s natural to feel a certain amount of envy when we view exquisitely styled and color-coordinated show homes in magazines or on TV shows. In real life, though, the perfect living room is not only about appearances. Looking good is certainly part of it, but how the room functions to meet your needs is also essential.

One of the best ways to create a peaceful and welcoming sanctuary in your living room is to use plants. If you’re fortunate enough to have a large space, you can splurge on some spectacular potted plants and even small trees. Even if your space is small, there are ways to use all kinds of plants to excellent effect.

At Bouqs, we offer small potted plants ideal for indoors, cut flower/foliage arrangements, and dried flower/foliage arrangements. If you take out a Bouqs plants subscription, you can enjoy fresh flowers, delivered to your door. We can even deliver to somebody else’s door if you have someone special who needs some spoiling. We can deliver as often as every week or as seldom as every other month.

Creating the Right Living or Working Environment

More and more people are working from home these days—and it’s not just because of Covid-19. With the explosion of technology for online meetings, file sharing, and collaborating, there is less reason to go to the office to work. Very often, it’s cheaper, more convenient, and more enjoyable to work from home.

In that case, making your home living environment as appealing as possible is more important than ever. When you enter your living room, you need to experience a sense of peace, not chaos.

Even if your space is organized, studies have suggested that the natural environment is superior to any man-made environment when it comes to helping you to get more things done, more efficiently, and in a shorter time.

When young children (between about four and seven years old) were tested on concentration, they scored better if they lived in areas with lots of tree cover and green fields around them. Of course, not everybody is fortunate enough to live in the countryside. However, anybody can create more green spaces inside their homes, even in the smallest city apartments.

A 2015 article in the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed the effects of nature on the test scores of students. Students who viewed natural scenery while taking a short break performed better in a test than students who viewed a city scene. If you don’t have natural scenery outside your living room windows, the next best option would be to create small natural spaces inside your home.

Even in the office, having living plants around has been shown to increase people’s concentration, productivity, and workplace satisfaction. What an easy way for companies to make their employees happier while also looking after their bottom line!

Live Plants

Live plants—especially live flowering plants—can beautify even the plainest room. They can add the most vibrant colors, and they add a sense of energy and vitality as they grow and flourish. Living plants may improve air quality, because they produce oxygen and increase humidity in the air. Moreover, the fragrance of flowers is better than any synthetic perfume.

You can choose the right type of live plant to enhance almost any space. If you have plenty of space, you can use large shrubs or even small trees in large pots directly on the floor. If your space is cramped, there is still a lot you can do to incorporate plants into your décor.

One fun way of incorporating some greenery if you don’t have a lot of floor space is to mount planters onto your walls. If you want plants on the floor, on tables, or on shelves, go for plants with a tall, narrow shape rather than a bushy/spreading shape.

At Bouqs, we offer a range of small potted plants, perfect for wall planters, shelves, and end tables. Prices for these items range from $44 to $79, but for our subscribers, all prices are reduced by 30%.

Dried Flowers

While live plants look lovely and help bring your space to life, they do need a certain amount of upkeep. You have to water them, fertilize them, and trim them. You have to make sure they have the amount of sun and the temperature they like, and you have to sweep up any dead leaves that fall on your floor.

If you don’t want the responsibility of keeping your living room plants looking their best, another very popular option is dried flower arrangements. Dried floral bouquets can be used for extra texture on walls, tables, and other surfaces, and what’s really nice is that you can choose the colors for your arrangements. We carefully choose dried flowers and grasses in many different shades—plus, with dried arrangements, you don’t have to put up with a whole lot of non-negotiable green.

Dried flower arrangements tend to be smaller than living plants—at the least, you can certainly find small dried flower arrangements if you need to—which makes them ideal for small or inaccessible spaces. They don’t need space to grow, and you don’t need to be able to reach these plants to tend to them regularly.

Final Thoughts

In other words, when you’re looking for more ways to brighten up your home, there are a number of excellent reasons to incorporate plants into the décor of your living room. Bouqs is perfectly placed to help you find the right plants for your every need.

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