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Every year has a new trend attached to it, whether it’s fashion trends, food trends, or fitness trends. New modifications are carried out to correct the things that were wrongly done and things that didn’t impact people’s lives. These trends also affect dating apps, where new apps are developed daily, and new things are added to the apps to make them enjoyable.

The moment you decide to date and want an easier way out, dating apps are the best option in this era; many people opt to depend on dating apps because it is fast and efficient. All you need to do is to write down your qualifications and what you are looking for in a person. Then you will get a match, then you talk, and eventually, you meet, and you find your soulmate. Online dating sites in New Zealand are the most common apps since many people in New Zealand depend on dating apps to find partners.

Another thing you should look into is why are you going to the dating app. Are you looking for a long-term relationship? Casual sex? Looking for friends? Or you want to go to it for fun. When you know your priority, you will know the type of person you are looking for so that you don’t get hurt in the end when you match with someone who wanted a long-term relationship, yet you wanted fun or casual sex.

Many are using this app to their advantage and video call each other before they meet to avoid issues like catfishing, and it’s also an excellent way to connect with someone if you are not in the same state. Another fantastic thing is that you can go for a video date with your person, modified.

Dating apps have also allowed individuals to connect in ways they never thought they could connect. Since most of the time you are either video calling or texting, you end up falling in love with the person’s personality compared to the normal daring lifestyle of meeting in a bar, chatting a bit, having casual sex, and thinking you know the person and lie to yourself that you are in love when this is not the case. It would help if you were very careful with the people you are meeting on these platforms because not everyone is genuine or safe.

Here are some of the new dating trends of 2022:

1. Dry dating

Over the years, many people have been reassessing their relationships with alcohol and, per the women-first dating and networking app, bumble, causing most people to depend on this form of behavior. A survey has been carried out, and the results showed that people prefer to go on dry dates more and are shying away from drinking habits on the first dates. Many people opt for a home-cooked date or a date by the park instead of drinks.

2. Slow dating

Slow dating works for people trying to know each other well and build a connection before they officially meet. Many participants in bumble are opting for this option and are sticking to one match until they get a connection; if there is no connection, they move on to another person, and the cycle continues.

This type of approach makes sure that both of you know what exactly you want, and you don’t end up rushing into a relationship and regretting it later on. Through slow dating, you also give yourself time to know yourself on another level, making it easier to find your soulmate.

Slow dating can also help you when you want marriage. This is because you will have known your person much better, and once you get together, it won’t feel like you are marrying someone you don’t know that well. Marriage is quite tricky, so you need to stay with someone you trust a lot not to feel like you are being forced to be with someone you don’t feel comfortable with.

3. Dating apps for all ages

The fact is that you are not too old to find love; anyone can find love as long as you are of age. There are apps for all ages, all you have to do is go to google and search for old people apps, and you will find all the options you need, and you have to choose the one that suits you best. Some of the sites you can, such as a match, are OkCupid, Bumble, or hinge. These are more mature apps that you can go to and find your person.

4. Emotional intelligence and physical attraction

Emotional maturity is an excellent idea, and everyone needs to have emotional maturity. Many people find emotional maturity attractive, and that’s why you need to know people well before you get into a relationship with someone.

You should always be open-minded when venturing into any relationship; never go to a closed-minded relationship because it will limit you a lot. A survey was carried out to figure out what most singles want in a relationship, and they prefer cognitive intelligence more than physical attraction.

Many people are looking for mental intelligence since looks fade away, but intelligence will never fade. Also, many people looking for intelligent people are older and mature, and they need people who will help them out financially or build each other.


Finding the person, you will spend your whole life with is complex and easy at the same time. All this depends on whether you will find the right person or not. If you click with someone, you are sure that you will stay together for an extended period.

So always opt for someone you enjoy your time with and agree with mentally and physically. Though if you are looking for friendship or casual sex, you can have your options open at all times.

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