crib mattress for your newborn

You want to surround your baby in comfort all night long! Does that mean using a crib mattress? You may have heard that a mattress is one of the best investments for your health, wellness, and quality of life. The same is even truer when it comes to choosing a mattress for your baby. Take a look at the four big benefits of using a mattress for your newborn’s crib.

1. Crib Mattresses Are Recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

The AAP recommends a crib mattress as a safe sleeping environment for infants. This is all any parent needs to hear to decide that it’s time to look for a quality infant mattress for many nights of sweet dreaming! The AAP’s recommendation extends to say that firm mattresses are preferred.

2. Crib Mattresses Create a Sanitary Sleeping Environment

Crib mattresses help to keep leaks and messes that occur in the night contained! Parents using an option like the Naturepedic classic mattress enjoy a waterproof surface with stain resistance that’s easy to clean. Having a mattress that’s easier to clean means you can get the baby back to bed with fewer disruptions! Keeping the sleeping area dry helps to reduce the risks of mold forming around your baby’s crib and bedding.

3. Crib Mattresses Help Your Baby to Enjoy Beautiful Comfort

A soft, comfortable mattress is like its own special lullaby for the senses of your baby! When a baby loves their bed, parents get to steal some extra sleep of their own. Crib mattresses also provide important ergonomic support to ensure that a baby’s head, neck, and body are level during sleep. There’s evidence to suggest that a mattress in your baby’s crib may help to prevent the development of spinal scoliosis.

4. Crib Mattresses Encourage Back Sleeping

“Back is best” is something that every new parent has heard from their pediatrician! The reason why back sleeping is so strongly encouraged is that it has been shown to reduce the risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Studies suggest that stomach sleeping may increase the risk for SIDS by:

• Increasing the probability of a baby rebreathing exhaled air that can cause oxygen reduction and carbon dioxide buildup.
• Increasing the likelihood of upper-airway obstruction.
• Increasing the risk for overheating by interfering with the body’s heat dissipation.

While no sleeping technique can completely eliminate the risk for SIDS, creating the right sleep environment may help to keep newborns safer. The launching of public health initiatives recommending “back is best” has resulted in a drastic reduction in SIDS globally. Using a crib mattress with a newborn is a great way to encourage back sleeping from the start!

A Lifetime of Good Sleep Begins Now

Sleep is always on the minds of new parents. A good mattress that encourages healthy crib habits is so important for establishing a lifetime of good sleep for your baby! Many parents find that the foundation of a happier, well-rested household is a good mattress for a baby’s crib!

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