cpa in affiliate marketing

Everyone has heard about CPA and that you can make good money on it. But not many people know about this business model, moreover, there are skeptics who deny that you can get good profits from this system. In this article, we will reveal the features of the CPA system. 

CPA marketing is a business model in which customers are paid for actions taken on an advertiser’s offers. Among these actions are filling out forms, selling a product or other actions that cause an increase in traffic. 

The CPA affiliate networks act as an intermediary between the partner and the company seeking to promote the product. Networks allow you to increase the level of sales and support both sides of the partnership. The systems work on behalf of the advertiser and allow marketers to get high-quality offers for their advertising campaigns. 

Where the traffic comes from

Once a registered CPA for example, at, has chosen a vertical and offers, you can select the traffic source needed to promote the product. Initially, it is recommended to study the fact that there are restrictions on the offer. If you have any difficulties, you can consult with the manager. 

Over time, you’ll find that some traffic sources convert much better than others, so it’s best to take them into account. By choosing profitable strategies, you can get good traffic and high income at the same time. 

Parties in CPA marketing

The following players usually participate in the CPA network: 

  • advertisers; 
  • users; 
  • arbitrators. 

Advertisers are companies that sell or produce goods or services that need to be promoted. 

Users are the audience due to which the offer converts well. Choosing the right one is an important process and the key to success in CPA affiliate marketing. 

The arbitrator is the next link that provides the user’s offer or can even sell it so that the audience takes targeted actions. 

Mobile CPA Marketing

Recently, there has been a rapid growth in mobile devices, so mobile marketing should not be neglected. A fairly large percentage of traffic comes from customers using handheld devices and more than 62% buy goods from smartphones and tablets on the Internet. 

In this case, network marketers can take advantage of the great opportunities to expand the audience. That’s the reason for the widespread use of mobile advertising networks, which allow you to quickly reach the audience. 

What CPA marketing pays for

Among the most popular CPA models are the following systems: 

  • CPA – cost for a specific action; 
  • CPC – cost per click; 
  • CPI – installation price; 
  • CPL – cost per lead; 
  • CPM – cost per thousand views. 

In CPA, you can get high payouts from advertisers, which makes the offer attractive to most arbitrators. To have a competitive advantage, you need to come up with your own “trick”. It’s either an out-of-the-box creative ad that competitors didn’t think of. You can also use a new traffic source. 

How to start making money with CPA

Earning on this network involves a few simple steps: 

  1. Registration on the site. First, you need to choose a suitable system with a simple application process and flexible payment methods, as well as experienced managers. 
  2. Choose an offer. After connecting to the network you need to find the most optimal offers. It is important that the product evokes emotions, which will work in favor of the arbitrator more than promoting the product just for payouts. 
  3. Find a source of traffic. You can buy an ad space from the ad network, which is bought from a network or publisher sites where ads are shown. Some networks may be focused on banner ads. 
  4. Using the tracker. Affiliates monitor offers from ads, copy ads or landing pages, banner placements and conversions. To launch an effective campaign, you need to know which traffic sources bring the highest income. 

Using these methods will allow you to make good money on CPA marketing. This is an exciting business model with many high-earning opportunities. But in order to succeed, you need to constantly improve your knowledge and try something new. 

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