Couples Therapy for Addiction

Addiction isn’t just a personal problem: it’s a family disease. Everyone around the addict also suffers, and this includes their partner. The people you love most are impacted by a loss of intimacy, diminishing trust, and perhaps even financial and social difficulties brought on by their spouse or partner’s addiction. This becomes even more challenging when both parties are struggling to get sober.

As such, it’s important to acknowledge the relationship problems that occur because of addiction and work to solve them – but this can feel impossible without outside help. You and your loved one may not have the skills necessary to work openly through issues without blaming or shaming, or there may be difficulty in actually opening up to the damage that addiction has wrought.

Couples rehab in Florida is excellent for those who want to bring the love back to their relationship in the Sunshine State; it’s affordable and effective, as well as often covered by insurance. How does it work, and what will you learn? We’ll explore some of the facets of couples rehab today.

It’s Critical That Both Partners Beat Addiction

One of the hardest issues when it comes to treating addiction is changing your social dynamics so that you are no longer surrounded by bad influences; poor company often leads to relapse because willpower alone cannot keep you away from your drug of choice. Being in a close relationship with someone who is still using makes it incredibly hard to stay sober, as you will constantly see reminders of how it looks and feels to get intoxicated.

If both partners are using, it’s very difficult for one to get clean, but both need to in order to preserve their health and overall well-being. As individuals, each person deserves to enjoy the freedom and opportunities that sobriety provides; as a couple, both need to bring their best selves to the relationship so they can support each other no matter what may come.

You’ll Learn About Healthy Communication and Self-Care

Unfortunately, many addicts come from difficult backgrounds, where they may not have learned how to communicate their feelings in a respectful and kind way; they may also struggle with self-care, as they were not taught these skills as a child. Addiction is a generational disease, so if you or your loved one is dealing with it, it’s very likely that a parent or adult in childhood also did. This means they missed out on crucial life lessons that now impact their adult relationships.

Healthy relationships require healthy communication, and they also require an ability to love and care for oneself no matter what may come. In couples’ therapy, you’ll both learn more about how to disagree respectfully, share uncomfortable feelings, and become your best selves.

Couples Rehab Lets You Explore Difficult Topics With Outside Support

When tackling tough subjects, you need a framework – one that you might not have. It’s very easy for uncomfortable conversations to get out of control, damaging trust and further degrading your relationship, and this is especially true when one or both partners are still dealing with the problems that come with addiction.

Having a caring and non-judgmental professional who can coach you on how to approach these subjects can make a huge difference in how a conversation goes, keeping it from turning cruel and dismissive. You’ll learn how to support one another even when it’s difficult; you might even find yourself sharing things you’ve never told your partner but which have deeply impacted your relationship, helping both of you better understand each other.

A Counselor Can Help You Break the Cycle of Codependency and Regain Interdependence

Codependency can be a harbinger of doom in a relationship, as it makes two people so deeply reliant on each other that they can no longer function effectively outside of their bond. In contrast, interdependence means that you support and care for one another, but both are fully actualized individuals, capable of functioning independently when your partner isn’t there.

If you have been dealing with alcohol or drug addiction for a long time – and especially if you have a family history of addiction – it can feel impossible to live without the constant influence of your partner, which diminishes your own life and accomplishments.

Thankfully, a counselor can help both of you find your strengths outside of the relationship and develop a more egalitarian relationship, where you are an individual in love rather than simply one half of a unit. This helps you become your full self, with dreams and interests of your own, and it allows your partner that same gift.

Addiction is hard for everyone, and it’s doubly so when both partners struggle with this disease. However, there is plenty of help available, including for those in Florida and surrounding states. If you and your partner are suffering from the damage that addiction wreaks on relationships, consider finding a qualified couples rehab center near you. Get your life – and your love – back on track with the support of caring professionals who can help you succeed.

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