classic halloween characters

Everyone wants a Halloween costume that grabs attention. Choosing a unique and imaginative form of a character can delight others at a trick-or-treat party. Instead of going with the latest meme or movie personality, stay with the classic characters and add a new twist.

Halloween invites you to be as silly and scary as you choose. Trick-or-treating and parties are more fun when the originality of costumes is put into place. Check out a few of these ideas for your next Halloween season.

The White Rabbit

Ever since his debut in 1865, the white rabbit has been a memorable part of Alice in Wonderland. Wearing a three-piece suit, he scurries along with a large pocket watch and a panicked look on his face. Nivens McTwisp is his proper name and he symbolizes the frantic quest not to be late.

A colorful suit of stripes, checks, and a large bowtie will easily make him recognizable by anyone that is familiar with this fairy tale. A furry white mask with bunny ears can serve as the finishing touch of this delightful character. Choose the expression of your choice. Whether it is one of confusion, anger, or happiness, he will bring laughter to a crowd as you race around the room.

Stylish Clown Costumes

Clowns can be funny, creepy, or sad. Put a new spin on your clown outfit by losing the mask and using your body as a new clown look. For instance, neon clown costumes that are sexy and bright can change your past memories of childhood clowns. Replace the baggy look with shiny diamonds atop a frilly tutu skirt and a neck ruffle. Accent the outfit with sparkly high-heeled shoes and crisscross transparent stockings.

For a festive look, select a light-up clown costume with a hooped dress in multi-colors. A frizzy wig, big red nose, and long clown socks will make you stand out in a crowd.

Frightening Animal Zombies

Zombies come in all shapes and sizes. However, an animal zombie can be the scariest of them all. A bear can be soft and cuddly or roaring mad, but a zombie bear can leave you heart-stopping terrified. According to Smiffys Halloween Costumes, the Day of the Dead is a popular subject for the season. A basic bear costume with a furry face is all that is needed to begin the fun.

With blood dripping from his mouth and torn clothes in his paws, everyone will scatter at the sight. Take your favorite fun-loving animal character, like Smokey the Bear or Tony the Tiger and turn them into a treacherous blood-thirsty zombie.

Being original with classic Halloween characters can get your imagination buzzing. Think back on your childhood fantasies and expand the possibilities of your favorite characters. Other ideas can be cast members from The Wizard of Oz, Sponge Bob, and the Road Runner. Create an entirely new character of gore out of mild-mannered animals or visit your favorite costume shop, like Smiffys where original ideas come to life.

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