choosing mens chains

Are you wondering how to choose a man’s chain? Whether you’re looking to buy for yourself or you’re shopping for the special man in your life, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Check out our guide below for some tips for choosing this popular men’s jewelry item. 

Take Chain Length And Width Into Consideration

When shopping for chains, one of the factors you’ll want to consider is length. Typically, you’ll want to choose a chain that’s at least 20 inches long. This necklace length will generally fall at the collarbone or between the first and second buttons of most men’s shirts

Another factor you’ll want to take into consideration is width. If the chain is going to be worn by itself, you’ll generally want to choose a chain that’s 6-10 mm thick. 

Go Longer And Wider For Pendants

One of the most popular men’s jewelry pieces is a cross pendant. Men might also wear sports team pendants, medallions or other objects.

If you’re also purchasing a pendant or if the special guy in your life already has one he loves to wear, you’ll want to choose a chain that’s longer than 20 inches. Consider selecting a 22 or 24-inch chain instead.

When shopping for a chain for a pendant, you’ll also want to opt for a narrower chain. A width of 4 to 6 mm will provide enough support for most pendants. 

Remember That Less Is More

When it comes to jewelry for men, less is usually more. Whereas women tend to only wear necklaces or chains with pendants, this isn’t the case for men. A simple gold, white gold or sterling silver chain can be the statement piece your guy wants in his wardrobe.

Decide On A Chain Style

There are a few common men’s chain styles. The box chain is made up of square links and is one of the most popular. Rope chains, which feature a twisting pattern, are another good choice among men. Link chains consist of round or oval links and come in a variety of lengths and widths. The Figaro chain, made of long links that connect to round or oval links, makes a bold statement.

Choose A Material

When purchasing chains, it’s important to take the material into consideration. It ultimately comes down to personal preference, especially when it comes to color. Some prefer yellow gold, while others prefer white gold. Others like the appearance of rose gold or silver.

The material you choose also determines how durable your chain will be. If you’re looking for a strong chain, gold is a popular choice. It’s much more durable than silver. If you like the appearance of silver-toned jewelry, you might want to take white gold into consideration. The most durable option is 14k gold. 

If money is a factor, then silver may be a more ideal option for your budget. Since gold is preferable due to its durability and because the raw material costs more, it tends to be more expensive.

If you have pendants or other jewelry like watches you wear regularly, you might want to take the color of those into consideration. Some people don’t mind the appearance of mixing gold and silver tones, while others prefer to match. 

Consider Layering Chains

Some men love the look of layering chains. In this case, you’ll want to opt for chains in varying lengths and widths to make them stand out. Consider pairing a shorter Figaro or link chain with a longer basic chain, such as a box or rope chain, for a textured look. 

With so many different types of men’s chains to choose from, there’s something for every guy — regardless of personal taste and style. Taking this guide into consideration can help you choose the perfect necklace for him.

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