choosing a banquet hall

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a birthday, or a company celebration, all kinds of event preparations cause stress. Being the host or the event organizer is all about responsibilities. You have to set the checklist, hire the catering vendor, think about banquet hall ideas, ensure everything goes as planned on the event day, and much more. In other words, there will be a lot on your plate.

However, one step could make or break your entire event, which would be choosing the banquet hall. For example, when you figure out how to decorate a banquet hall, everything becomes clear, and you can quickly determine many other aspects and contract with suitable vendors.

So, here, we’ve gathered a list of tips on choosing the best event hall for all different kinds of events.

Check the venue’s reputation

When touring an event hall, all you get to see is the space, decoration, and staff. No matter how acceptable everything in the hall might seem during the tour, such an initial look wouldn’t provide real insight into the practical details.

The best and most guaranteed way to find out everything about any event hall is by looking for other clients’ reviews. You can visit the hall’s website and read what people have said about their previous experiences in the venue. Clients might share their opinion on the staff and how professional or incompetent they were. They might also spotlight matters that would not have crossed your mind before. 

What’s very assuring about online reviews is objectivity. Everyone can easily share a genuine opinion about a dreamy or unpleasant experience.

Match the theme

Each event hall has its style and theme that might be suitable for events and improper for others. Though some banquet hall decoration ideas might transform the site completely, the overall hall theme should match what you have in mind. For example, you can’t do banquet hall wedding decorations in a place that’s not a good fit for a wedding.

Moreover, if you want to host a rustic wedding, touring lavish halls is a waste of time and effort because no matter how hard you try to change these exquisite banquet hall wedding decorations, it won’t be a good fit. So, if you’re considering a specific theme, look for suitable sites for how you want to plan a banquet.

The same concept applies to corporate events. Imagine organizing a company celebration in a wedding venue. No matter how hard you try to change the theme, it won’t turn into a perfect wedding venue. Meanwhile, a dedicated corporate venue will be the perfect fit. 

On-site services available

After considering the basics, It’s time to dig into the details. Sometimes you have to take care of minor issues that would mean a lot to guests and make the whole event more enjoyable. 


Parking facilities are one of the unnegotiable services a venue should provide. Ensuring reliable parking might be more important than how to decorate a banquet hall. You have to ensure convenient parking for your guests and third-party vendors, whether there are enough parking lots or valet service.


Wi-Fi has become one of the essential services available in all banquet halls. So, ensure a fast, accessible, and uninterruptible WI-FI. It’s also a must if you want to live stream your event on social media platforms. Furthermore, some events host online guests who can’t make it to the banquet hall. You’ll need a high-quality internet connection to organize such an activity.

AV effects

Audiovisual effects are crucial for all events but at different levels. For example, if you’re hosting a wedding or a birthday, a sound system and video screens are necessary. On the other hand, a corporate event or a seminar requires additional aids such as a PA system, a projector, and a high-quality microphone for the speakers.

The guest count

A comprehensive guest list is a perfect guide throughout the preparations, and it influences many key decisions such as the venue, catering, decoration, banquet hall ideas, etc. Not only that, but the guest count helps narrow down the search significantly.

You’ll be able to cancel or approve a banquet hall depending merely on its capacity and how adequate it is to the guest count. So, make sure you have an approximate guest estimation before starting your banquet hall search.

Ask about the event hall floor plan and check it against the total guest count. Although a banquet hall might have enough seats for all the guests, that isn’t the only thing to consider. You have to ensure that guests will be comfortable mingling around the hall.

In addition, make sure the venue is flexible regarding the sudden appearance of unexpected guests. Is there a way to expand the banquet hall or open a new one for your event? It’s an essential question to answer if you’re hosting a company event where you can’t establish a fixed visitors count.

Do you need privacy?

Event hosts, no matter what type of event it is, will be having hard times of pressure and tiredness before, during, and after the event, whether it’s a wedding, an engagement party, a birthday, a bridal shower, or any company event, there is one thing hosts have in common. Event hosts usually prefer to have a private room only for them, away from guests and crowds, where they can relieve the stress and get ready for the momentous event.

If you’re one of those who prefer to preserve some privacy, you have to make sure the event hall provides such an option. Because not all do, and figuring that out when the event has already started would be an additional source of tension.

However, not only hosts appreciate privacy. Many guests would be happy to have a private room to get ready before entering the event. Furthermore, private restrooms are a must-have for the guests. Ensure all that is available by an in-person tour.

Never underestimate the importance of privacy. Many event hosts break down under pressure and fail to organize their events due to not having enough private space to arrange everything and make some calls away from the noise.

The key takeaways

There’s no ultimate guide to pleasing everyone’s taste. A venue might appeal to some, but others find it unsuitable. It’s a matter of preferences and points of view.

However, no one disputes that the basic needs and elements mentioned above should be sufficiently present in all banquets. The steps we’ve organized will help you find the proper event hall that’s up to your standards and meets your needs. Follow them carefully, and enjoy planning a banquet!

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