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Fun Ways To Celebrate An Intimate Wedding

Fun Ways To Celebrate An Intimate Wedding

One of the hottest trends taking over the wedding industry is that of togetherness, with Brides reporting that intimate weddings that enable couples to bond with a small group of family and friends, is all the rage. It makes sense considering the fact that countless couples with families abroad have had to postpone their wedding and wait to see their family members for two years.

If you are currently planning your wedding and you want it to be all about celebrating life with the people you love, the following ideas may inspire you.

Luxury Villa Rentals

Couples with a small list of guests hailing from abroad are choosing to rent luxury villas in destinations like Marbella, Malibu, and Barbados, as a way to spend time together before and after the big event.

Beachside and mountainside escapes contain features like various bedrooms, a main house and adjoining guest houses, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and enviable proximity to the sea or forest. The idea is to chill out and bond while enjoying good food, drinks, and the calming effects of the Great Outdoors, as well as to celebrate a romantic ceremony and garden reception.

Las Vegas Escapes

Another great choice for small groups of friends is the classic fuss-free Las Vegas wedding. Not only is Vegas easy from a paperwork perspective, but it is also ideal for small groups wishing to enjoy excellent cuisine and the comfort of accommodations for a wide array of budgets.

For couples with a sense of humor, Elvis, Star Trek, Superhero, and even Gothic-themed wedding ceremonies and receptions are available. Adventure lovers will also find more than they bargained for. Vegas wedding planners are used to catering to unusual demands and can make a roller coaster, helicopter, or underwater wedding happen quickly.

Maximizing Your Guests’ Experience

Weddings were once exclusively about the bride and groom but relationships with guests are increasingly playing a bigger role in bespoke celebrations. Couples are looking for ways to make their guests’ experience truly unique and special, via small details. For instance, couples are writing personalized postcards to each guest and placing the card on guests’ tables.

Some couples are asking guests to make contributions to the wedding playlist, send images of themselves with the couple, or write anecdotes about how they met the couple. These anecdotes are then placed into a bottle and pulled out during the reception, and the person whose name the paper is on has to get up and tell the party about the meaningful moment. This trend is extending itself to weddings with kids, as well.

Couples are ensuring kids have fun by offering them activities and entertainment, desserts bearing popular kids’ themes, and wedding favors such as disposable cameras children can use during the event.

Celebrating family and friends is a hot trend on the wedding scene. Couples are seeking to experience togetherness by renting villas and heading to fun destinations like La Vegas. They are also finding ways to make their Big Day as important and memorable for guests as it is for themselves.

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