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Candles generally tend to be used whenever the electricity goes out. But that isn’t the only reason for people to use candles. Candles are also an important tool in spirituality and witchcraft. Did you know that using specific colors of candles serves specific purposes? Here’s everything you need to know about the potential of candle magic and candle color meanings.

What Is Candle Magic?

Candle Magic

Candles are lit with fire and thus harness the power of this natural element. Fire represents transformation and is quite relevant while performing magic.

Candle magic is a simple manifesting ritual. You light the candle and release the power of fire to fulfill your goals. Here’s how you perform candle magic:

#1. Choose a realistic goal and phrase it into a single sentence. For example, “I want to land a promotion in my workplace.”

#2. Check astrology placements (if you believe in the power of the cosmos) and pick a specific time to perform the ritual.

#3. Create a spell about your goal, so you can chant it during the ritual. It could be a single phrase, a poem, or even a song.

#4. Let yourself feel the energy of your goal and then light the candle while chanting the spell.

#5. Focus on the aura of your candle till it’s big enough to fill up the room. By virtue, this manifestation expands into the universe.

#6. Once you begin to feel the energy waning, blow out the candle.

Voila! Candle magic in six easy steps.

Why the Candle Color Matters?

Why the Candle Color Matters

Colored candles are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also play a big role in your manifestation rituals. The color of the candle corresponds with the nature of your goal.

Based on the principle of color therapy, candle magic is done using different colors of candles to affect your psyche in specific ways. Studies have proven the effect of colors on our health.

Besides, each chakra in your body is also associated with a specific color. This means you can heal your chakras using different candle colors as well.

10 Different Candle Color Meanings

Different Candle Color Meanings

Here is a list of candle color meanings that will help you choose the perfect one in your candle magic ritual:

#1. White

The color white is universally accepted to signify purity and cleanliness. So, you can use white candles if you want to clear away lingering energies around you and create a blank space for fresh, new energies to enter your life.

It is also symbolic of unity, truth, and harmony.

By lighting a white candle, you are channeling the energy of the moon. Lunar energy is known for its protective and gentle nature, so you’ll end up in a meditative state and feeling relaxed.

#2. Black

A black candle is not to be played with. Over the last century, black candles have gained popularity due to their overwhelmingly powerful impact, as seen in Pagan, Wiccan, and Satanic rituals.

However, contrary to popular opinion, black doesn’t always mean evil. The color can absorb negative energies and neutralize any malicious spirit affecting you or your family. If you want to increase the flow of money into your life, black candles can come in handy.

But practice caution while using black candles; don’t leave them unattended at any cost. Using them intending harm on others can lead to dangerous consequences.

#3. Yellow

This color is typically considered a beacon of cheerfulness, intelligence, and prosperity.

You can light up yellow candles to elevate your mental health. Doing so will allow you to access ancient wisdom and provide you with inspiration, creativity, and logic.

If you’re generally feeling down, a yellow candle can bring in much-needed warmth and positivity. As witch and art advisor Sarah Potter puts it, “Yellow is an injection of happiness.”

#4. Green

Typically, the color green is equated to the earth. It represents abundance, fertility, and growth. To experience holistic growth and healing, use green candles in your ritual.

Green is universally considered a sign of good luck. You can light a green candle before starting a business or a new job to welcome new opportunities.

#5. Blue


The color blue is generally associated with calmness and tranquility. You may want to light a blue candle to sleep peacefully.

Using blue candles also helps align your chakras and heal emotional wounds while giving out positive energies that promote healthy relationships.

Different shades of blue can have varying impacts — royal blue invokes loyalty and dedication, light blue is perfect for peaceful meditations, and dark blue promotes delight and happy dreams.

#6. Red

Red is the color of passion, love, and seduction. Light up a red candle if you’re looking to spice up your love life. It is fittingly the beacon for Scorpio energy.

While red has ties to life forces such as power and vitality, it is also the color of vengeance and rage. Don’t hesitate to use red candles; they’re an excellent way to increase your level of courage.

#7. Orange

This color is unmissable and has the power to take you by surprise. Orange candles are used to invoke sudden changes that can be a handful to deal with.

Prepare yourself before lighting up an orange candle as it can instantly have an effect on your life. Generally, orange candles are used in rituals on the eve of weddings and important business meetings. So you can witness immediate impact unfold in front of your eyes.

#8. Brown

It is another color of the earth that represents balance and stability. Lighting up a brown candle is a way of showing your respect and love for Mother Earth.

Brown candles are used to pull yourself out of chaotic mind space, eliminate indecisiveness, regain semblance, and attract healthy companions. In general, you can use brown candles to keep your body and mind healthy.

#9. Pink

A pink candle is peak self-care. It is a nurturing color that allows you to manifest gentle love, empathy, devotion, and bonding.

You can use pink candles to attract someone’s unconditional love and attention. They also represent faith, so you can use them to invite joyous occasions. It helps with emotional healing as well.

#10. Purple

This color has profound importance in spirituality, given its association with the third eye. It is believed that purple candles can eliminate your bad karma.

Symbolic of divinity and hidden knowledge, these candles are lit by people seeking more knowledge. It can also be used to invoke spiritual safety, gain recognition, and reconcile with energies lost in the spirit realm.

Does Mixing Colors Change the Meaning?

Mixing Colors

To gain several benefits at one go, you can mix and match the candles during your ritual.

For instance, if you’re looking to make the best out of a business opportunity, you can light up green and orange candles together. Or, you can improve a relationship using the red and pink colored candles.

Mixing colors gives you combined properties, so don’t hesitate to experiment as you please!

Where Can You Get the Candles?

You may want to take into consideration factors such as the scent, shape, and burning duration of the candle when shopping for them. Rely on your intuition and buy candles that feel special to you.

An easy and convenient option for buying candles is Amazon, and if you’re looking for environmentally friendly candles, here are some options:

#1. Colonial Candle

#2. 100 Candles

#3. Wayfair

#4. Wicca Wicks

#5. Tobeape

You could try buying candles off of practicing witches and local apothecaries as well.

A Few Parting Words

Candle magic can be intense and produces quick results. So you may want to think hard about what you want to manifest during a candle ritual. There is no fixed way to go about candle magic, so you can experiment to find out what works best for you.

The above list of candle color meanings should be helpful when choosing a candle to align with your goal and ritual!

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