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Chinese New Year is about to arrive, bringing joy and happiness to people. Everyone in the world loves to celebrate by sharing. They have a long list of food to cook and serve for this special occasion, known as CNY treats.

In such treats, pineapple tarts come on the top list. Bakeries and confectioneries business follows new trends of marketing the dishes to the people. As the season has begun, we will help you refine your search for the best bread garden CNY goodies.

What is a pineapple tart?

To your surprise, the dish is very simple. Bakers share the simplest outlook of the dish by saying it is a pineapple topping resting on a plain biscuit. But in actuality, if you check on its original recipe, you will know what makes it so special. The biscuit found in the recipe is worth its taste. It is not like an ordinary biscuit you would have seen before.

But a delicious one. Only some people can become a pro at preparing the yummiest treat of pineapple. It requires experience, skills, and passion to prepare the traditional recipe.

If we summarize the way of baking it, you would believe no hard and fast rule you require. They prepare a batter of flour and butter. Hence, the batter dough gives you a little salty and crispy crust. The perfect consistency of the dough is a crucial component of baking. The next main step involves the process of making jam with fresh pineapples. The sweetness comes from the pineapple jam. Together the combination of flavours makes you love it.

You will feel the flavours as soon you take a bite of it. The crisp part turns into a soft part and melts into the mouth. The richness of pineapple adds the next level of sweetness to the dish.
In the busy routine nowadays, it takes a lot of work to prepare it yourself. However, bakeries have made this job easier. Therefore, you will find custom-made CNY pineapple tart decorative beautifully on the bakery shelves.

What makes it loved by people in CNY?

There are some myths attached to the popularity of this sweet. Often they name them in their local language. For example, some believe it brings good fortune to them, and others believe the future time brings prosperity to their life. Still, they use various other ways of celebrating this year instead of baking the dish.

They decorate their homes, enjoy holidays, visit their relatives and friends, and eat and share food. This occasion magnifies as a symbol of love and happiness. This occasion not only brings happiness to the individuals but also to the community as well.

You can gift a box full of bread garden CNY goodies to your friends. Or even consume it individually.

A variety of pineapple tarts to meet everybody’s requirement

Every individual possesses a specific likeness to these cookies. An assembly, texture, and style variation could completely change its taste. Although the main ingredients are the same, sometimes their quantity changes.

· Pineapple balls

Yes, you have guessed it right. It comes in the shape of a round ball. You won’t see pineapple jam because bakers fill it inside. The smooth texture of the ball takes you to new wonders. Because of its shape and size, people always like and prefer it.

· Cake in Taiwanese style

Bakers generally shape it in a box or pocket shape. It seems as if you are eating something center-filled. It appears as if a cub shape enclosing the pineapple topping.

· Open-faced

In comparison to the enclosed type, this shape is open. Then, it comes with a flat surface. Usually, bakers fill the jam over its surface. You can eat it just like you eat normal butter cookies. Take a bite in any direction. Children sometimes first lick the jam part and then the cookie. It contains the flavours of butter cookies and sweet pineapple.

· Roll shaped

Last but not least comes the roll-shaped tarts. They take the sheet for the biscuit and then expand it before rolling it in cylindrical form. Then they evenly spread the pineapple topping over it. You can further cut the rolls in whatever size you want.

It is solely your choice whichever type of tart you like. The variety enhances its demand around the world.

The origin of pineapple tarts in Singapore

If you talk about its origin, it takes you to its long history. People in Singapore used to import pineapples from other parts of the world during the 1st century. For the basic recipe, a huge labor force had to wash, peel, shred, and boil pineapples. Then, they mix it with sugar to create the perfect texture of jam. Its density should be thinking. However, nowadays, they use canned ones to make the process easier.

How to choose the perfect ones?

Where to buy pineapple tarts CNY treats could be a difficult job. So, to ease this job, you need to follow the simple tips before buying it. The first point to note is its crust. There are various types of crust. Everybody doesn’t like the same type. So, to begin the search, you should keep a picture in your mind about the texture of it. Some people like shortbread-style crust.

At the same time, some prefer it as a puff pastry. Its crispiness depends on how they knead the dough. A soft kneaded and hard-kneaded both produce different results.

The next feature is the filling. It should be smooth without the presence of grains or lumps of pineapple. Then, the consistency should perfectly match the jam’s consistency. It should turn out sweet and yummy. Avoid purchasing those that turn out to be extremely dry or gooey.

The color of the pastry also matters. Bakers should bake it at perfect oven temperature and for accurate time.

Where to buy pineapple tarts CNY treats?

After a great market search, you can reach the perfect bakers. Follow up with all the bakeries. Thus, bakeries like bread garden produce the best pineapple tarts. Also, you can even search for halal ones. Bakers who are professionals can bake fresh, crispy, and soft filling tarts.

You can purchase CNY pineapple tart from famous bakers and then made jump to a conclusion.


Nonetheless, pineapple tarts are a perfect delight for you during the Chinese New Year. Start your search now, and you will eventually reach the perfect one. Make this occasion more delightful with the sweetness of these CNY treats.

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