biggest bitcoin casino winners

Bitcoin gambling casinos can change a person’s destiny to a large extent. Such platforms can change our lives in the blink of an eye, because it is so simple. Everything depends on a spin of the roulette wheel, a coveted card in blackjack or a lucky day at the slot machines.

All of these circumstances can bring us a welcome boost to our budget or generally make us fabulously rich.

This is how casino reality adapts to CoinPlay, a popular crypto gambling site as well. Of course, the prospects could be even better, because thanks to the fluctuations in the price of bitcoin, the money you get through this casino could grow unimaginably. Increasing your winnings by a factor of three.

All because CoinPlay has some of the highest limits in the world of bitcoin casinos. A large number of gamblers – from the very beginners to professionals – can count on the platform. It’s important to know that on all the slot machines on CoinPlay, you can start playing with as little as 0.00005 BTC per spin.

And the best part is that you can play for free and without any commitment, which allows you to get familiar with the platform without any difficulty. Which is extremely valuable.

At Bitcoin gambling casinos , small bets can lead to huge fortunes. This is a reality that can happen at any time. That’s why we’ve put together some winning stories today that will surprise you.

The 9 Biggest Bitcoin Casino Wins

Bitcoin casinos have earned thousands of real players, representing a unique opportunity for players to make big money in digital currency.

Because of this, bitcoin casinos have seen tremendous and constant growth in the past year. Not only are they changing the gaming industry, but they are also contributing to the growth of cryptocurrencies.

Below you will see how big some of these winnings have been. And given the fluctuations in the bitcoin price and its likely rise over time, these winnings will get bigger and bigger.

1. The best because the first, and at the same time the biggest bitcoin jackpot win: In September 2013, the first and biggest bitcoin jackpot win in online gambling occurred. A participant under the pseudonym Nakowa devoted almost the entire weekend to playing dice. The weekend was spent profitably and brought him 11,000 bitcoins. These winnings are currently worth $182,254,529 million.

2. The 2017 season for the Bitcoin Casino player known under ID #28ea0d38e1 turned out to be quite successful for him. The lucky player made a bet of just 0.1BTC in the Bitcoin Video Casino game in February 2017. This small bet led to a record-breaking jackpot that paid him 259.74 BTC. This win could have been 20 times more lucrative thanks to the sharp rise in bitcoin at the end of 2017.

3. The next big win happened in 2017. A registered unknown participant played the Play ‘n Go “Troll Hunters” slot. With a bet of 0.16 BTC, he won an incredible 216 BTC in just one spin.

4. During the popular game Lightning Roulette the lucky man won a total of 87 BTC. He made a single spin bet at odds of 500:1 and won 49.22 BTC. All in all, this player won a total of 87 BTC during his playing session. He can be considered as one of the biggest winnings in bitcoin casinos ever.

5. An unnamed user decided to play Amatic Games’ Lucky Coin slot and won 15 BTC. When bitcoin peaked in November 2017 and was worth about $20,000, it was an extremely valuable win in terms of fiat currency. This player then followed the streak and won another 8 BTC. This brought his total bitcoin winnings to 23 BTC.

6. But in 2013, the nickname Nickelj brought the player 55 BTC, the player used his welcome bonus on a Betsoft slot called True Sheriff. Before the bonus round came to an end, he received a round of free spins. During the free spins, he decided to play at the maximum wager, and it was the right decision because he then hit the jackpot.

7. In September 2018, another lucky player won 53 Bitcoins worth $340,000 by playing Live Roulette. The win was successful due to the high betting limits in this game.

8. In May 2020, one random player hit an online slots jackpot, winning 29 BTC, $250,000. The players were new to online casinos, and they didn’t have to wait long to win the jackpot.

9. Recently, an amazing win of 354.24 BTC ($1.35 million) was made in the game Solomon Go. The winner chose this game, which is similar to Pokemon Go, which was a big success in 2017. Solomon Go is a monster game in which players must hunt monsters.


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