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Best Whiskey Cocktails for 2023 

Best Whiskey Cocktails for 2023 

If you’re on the hunt for one of the best bars in the Navy Yard, then this means you’re also probably on the hunt for one of the best cocktails in town. After all, nothing accompanies an evening out with friends like that perfect drink.

But one trip to a bar downtown or your favorite restaurant will quickly prove that you’ve got more than enough options when it comes to finding that perfect drink. For many, the options of cocktails can simply seem overwhelming. 

But we’re here to help. While you may have a few tried and true cocktails you love, the New Year brings new tastes and flavors. Here, we’re taking a closer look at some of the hottest (and some of the classic) whiskey cocktails for 2023. With this inspiration in mind, you’ll approach that next whiskey bar with confidence.  

Best Whiskey Cocktails for 2023 and Beyond

Sure, it’s easy to go to a bar and just order that classic screwdriver or gin and tonic. But with a new year in full swing, you should also look into ways that you can mix up your cocktail game at the same time. If you need some inspiration for some of the hottest whiskey cocktails for 2023, keep reading:

  1. Whiskey highball: here’s a refreshing twist on a whiskey classic. The highball is simple, quick, and tastes great. Simply pick your favorite whiskey and add some soda water and a wedge of lemon for some garnish. It’s really that simple. And who said that something simple can’t also be amazing when it comes to your new favorite cocktail?
  1. Irish mule: we all know about the Moscow mule with vodka as the staple—but did you know that there’s an option out there for whiskey lovers? And like the highball, this cocktail is also relatively simple. Just mix in your favorite whiskey with ginger beer and a little lime juice and you’ll have an Irish mule, a smooth, refreshing cocktail.
  1. Mint julep: here’s a tried and true classic made famous by the renowned horse races at the Kentucky Derby. But you can enjoy a mint julep anywhere. Simply mix in your favorite bourbon (this has to be a bourbon, not a whiskey, of course), mint leaves, ice, and sugar, and muddle it all together to create a true southern classic.
  1. Paper plane cocktail: crafted in 2007, this cocktail is a beautiful contrast of both bitter and sweet. To craft one of these, add equal parts bourbon, Aperol, Italian Amero, and lemon juice. Mix it all together, sit back, and then enjoy.
  1. Gold rush cocktail: ring in the new year with this unique cocktail. This drink is a modern twist on the classic Whiskey Sour. Add some lemon juice and honey syrup with your favorite bourbon for this delicious cocktail. 

Conclusion – Best Whiskey Cocktails for 2023

As you can see, you have quite a few options when it comes to finding that perfect cocktail. But if you’re looking for a whiskey cocktail, hopefully, this brief list provided you with some ideas and inspiration.

You can always stick with one of the tried and true classics, like a Whiskey Smash, Whiskey Sour, or an Old Fashioned. Or you can go for an update option like the Gold Rush or Paper Plane cocktails that will be sure to impress your next bartender. 

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