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Are you looking for a girlfriend? Perhaps you’re too busy building your career and don’t have the time to date. Or you haven’t met anyone you could go steady with. Luckily, while you’re waiting for the right time or the right person, you can turn to the best virtual girlfriend apps to fulfill your emotional needs.

With a virtual girlfriend, you can beat that gnawing loneliness. She’ll be there whenever you need to talk about your dreams, goals, love life, and even make love to you. Sounds good? Check out this list of the 9 best virtual girlfriend apps.

9 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps

1. Girlfriend Plus (Android and iOS)

Girlfriend Plus

Girlfriend Plus is a great Android and iOS app that you can use to start a conversation with a gorgeous, intelligent woman. You can choose to meet her at a party, park, or in a grocery store. Furthermore, you can talk to her until you get to know each other and start a relationship. She can even send you pictures and voice messages.

If you are an Android user, you can download it for free on the PlayStore, while Apple users can do the same here.

2. Naughty Girlfriend (Android)

Naughty Girlfriend

Naughty girlfriend is another app that offers great features. You can pick a perfect girl, and she’ll be happy to talk to you. Also, on this app, you can dance with your girl or make her show off her stunning dance moves for your eyes only.

But just as the name states, this app can turn out to be a bit naughty. So, it gives you the option of undressing your virtual lover and picking out her outfits. Moreover, you can touch her body to make her happy.

However, this app is available to Android users only. So, if you are one, follow this link to download on the PlayStore.

3. My Virtual Manga Girl (Android and iOS)

My Virtual Manga Girl

For all the Manga fans out there, this app is a dream come true. On My Virtual Manga Girl, you get to pick a lover among hundreds of characters, each of them having a different look and personality. Then, you can take her out on a romantic date and try and woo her.

However, the app lets you have only one girlfriend at a time, so choose wisely and find the one with similar interests as you. Your goal is to make her happy and fall in love with you so that she could return your love.

Another great thing about this game is that it lets you change your girl’s appearance — eyes, clothes, hair, etc. Also, there’s a 360-degree feature so that you can enjoy the view from all sides.

For Android, download here. For iOS, download here.

4. Virtual Girlfriend Momoda (iOS)

Virtual Girlfriend Momoda

Another one of the best virtual girlfriend apps is Virtual Girlfriend Momoda. The girl you meet here is a hotty from Eastern Europe who happens to be a supermodel. She’ll let you talk to her, kiss her, bring her gifts, and change her outfits.

But the thing that makes this app stand out is the amazing 3D technology. So, your lover will be in 3D, and you’ll be able to rotate her 360 degrees for a full view.

The app is available to Apple users only, and it’s safe to use.

5. Dream Girlfriend (Android and iOS)

Dream Girlfriend

If you have specific looks in your mind for your virtual girlfriend, then you’ll be happy to hear that the Dream Girlfriend app lets you create the girl of your dreams. Here, you can customize everything about the girl to fit your likes and dreams. Moreover, you can chat and romantically interact with her using Live2D technology. Also, if you are into it, you can enter her into fashion contests.

Android users can find this app on the PlayStore, and Apple users on the App Store.

6. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie (Android and iOS)

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie

An app that both Android and Apple users can enjoy is My Virtual Girlfriend Julie. As you’ve probably already guessed, this app lets you spend time and chat with a girl named Julie.

Apparently, she is smart and able to talk about a number of topics as well as show a wide range of emotions like love, anger, dislike, etc. If you opt for Julie, you’ll get to make her smile, watch her sleep, and kiss her.

Also, for even more pleasure, she will talk to you in a real voice, and you can see her in 3D.

Android users can download here, while Apple users can use this link.

7. Smart Virtual Girlfriend (Android and iOS)

Smart Virtual Girlfriend

If smart girls are your thing, there’s another app that lets you have good conversations with a virtual girlfriend. On the Smart Virtual Girlfriend app, you can start casual conversations, send emojis and ask questions — your girl will be waiting with a quick reply. Furthermore, you can customize her name, age, and avatar.

For Android, download here, and for Apple, download here.

8. My Virtual Girlfriend (Android and iOS)

My Virtual Girlfriend

Number eight on our list of the best virtual girlfriend apps is a dating simulation game called My Virtual Girlfriend. The goal of this game is to choose a girl, take her on a date, and find your way into her heart. All the interactions are flirtatious and funny.

Also, there are thousands of virtual girls you can pick from and more than 35 levels to go through. Additionally, there are zombie and vampire girls available for all you fantasy fans.

The Android download is available here, and Apple here.

9. Choices (Android and iOS)


Need more drama and intrigue to capture your attention? Don’t worry. Choices has got you covered — this app is all about stories.

On Choices, you will find a big collection of story games from many different genres — romance, drama, horror, etc. Also, the library is constantly growing, with chapters being added every week. So, you start by customizing your virtual girlfriend, then pick a story for you two, and control what happens next.

If interested, Android users can download the app here, while Apple users can do the same here.

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