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Best European Places To Travel In The Summer

Best European Places To Travel In The Summer

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Maybe after spending your vacation days looking at pictures on Google Earth you decided you actually want to see the places you’ve been looking at. But deciding you want to travel and deciding where to travel to are two different things.

Luckily if you’re looking for some great places to vacation this summer you have this handy list to guide you. Casually browse through and get some ideas of where you could travel in Europe this summer.

Marseille, France

This port city, located in the south of France, boasts pleasant temperatures in the summers. Possessing a wealth of beaches along with a rich cultural history, Marseille is a very attractive spot for tourists. Some of the best places to visit include the Marseille Cathedral, Palais Longchamp, etc.

Other than visiting these illustrious locations, you should have a spot of kayaking in the Old Port, enjoy a dinner at Le Bistro Du Panier, or take a tour of the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations. While in Marseille, you can stay at one of the following hotels: Le Petit Nice Passedat, Grand Hotel Beauvau Marseille Vieux-Port, or Chateau Beaupin.

Florence, Italy

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Florence plays host to many dozens of buildings that are a prime hot spot for tourists. To start, Santa Maria del Fiore is an absolutely gorgeous church that you really should visit. Next, the Uffizi Palace and Gallery has a staggering collection, one that is extremely high quality and diversified.

The Piazza della Signoria is a social center for locals and tourists alike. The Neptune Fountain features at the centre of this square, with the Palazzo Vecchio, housing the city’s government, at one side. Finally, do not forget to visit the Santa Maria Novella, a Dominican church. The architecture of this church is stunning, with frescoes made by masters such as Domenico, Giotto, Lippi, and Masaccio featuring widely.

Rome, Italy

Next up is another very popular tourist location, Rome. This city, with its widely varied history and architecture, is a particular favorite of tourists wishing to travel in their summers. It has dozens of buildings that are a must-see, including the Colosseum and the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel.

The Colosseum, owing to its immense popularity, must be booked in advance for your own comfort. Other famous sites include St. Peter’s Basilica, Castel Sant’Angelo, and the Piazza Navona. Popular hotels include Ibis Styles Roma Vintage, Aurelius Art Gallery Smart Hotel, Hotel Villa San Pio, and Holiday Inn Rome.


Iceland, one of the best places to travel to in the summer, is a country offering a breathtaking experience for all tourists and travelers. Temperatures in Iceland generally remain about 50-60 F (9-14 degrees Celsius) in the summer months, making for a very refreshing vacation.

The Blue Lagoon Spa is very popular among visitors, along with the Laugavegurinn hiking trail in the Central Highlands. Along the 34-mile trail, you will experience multicolored mountains, hot springs, and black lava fields, making for a very unique experience. Some of the best hotels in the country include Hotel Viking, Paradise Cave Hostel, and Hilton Reykjavik Nordica.

Istanbul, Turkey

The only city in the world that spans two continents (Asia and Europe), Istanbul is unique among all its fellow cities. As the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul has long been a cultural center to rival many. Istanbul boasts low temperatures during June, July, and August, making it a perfect addition to the list of best places to travel in the summer.

However, its climate is not the only plus point. Istanbul is home to many cultural and historical sites, including the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace Museum, the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, the Basilica Cistern and so many more. In Istanbul, you will not be bored for even a second.

London, England

This city, home to Buckingham Palace, is a city with a truly rich and varied history. It undoubtedly comes as no surprise that London is a place where all the tourists want to visit.

In London, you can have a tour of the Buckingham Palace, a tour of the Warner Bros. Studio, visit the London Eye, see the Windsor Castle and the Kensington Palace, visit the Tower of London, etc. the London Transport Museum, another well-known destination, has exhibitions showing the relation between transport and the cultural and social history of London.

The Emirates Air Line Cable Car shows you a bird’s-eye view of the entire city. In London, a huge number of hotels are available for visitors to the city, including Double Tree by Hilton London, Premier Inn London Woolwich, Travelodge London Central City Road, and many more.

Paris, France

Certainly, no list of best places to travel to in the summer can possibly be complete without including Paris. While the Eiffel Tower is surely the most famous tourist site, it is by far not the only thing of note in Paris. Others include the Musee de Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Avenue des Champs-Elysees, and Musee d’Orsay, etc.

Now that you have some suggestions of places to visit in Europe this summer I hope you can make a decision and see some great sites continent wide.

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