best earrings for teenagers

Earrings make a stunning and memorable gift. What would make it even more special? A thoughtfully chosen earrings gift for newly pierced ears for your favorite teenager! 

A pair of earrings as a gift speaks from the heart and can make your loved one feel truly appreciated. 

We can all agree that choosing the perfect earrings can be pretty daunting, especially when selecting the best earrings for a teenager.

Our best earring gift ideas for teenagers this Christmas holiday would include:

  • Heart-shaped earrings
  • Diamond studs
  • Simple drop earrings
  • Hoops
  • Climbers
  • Personalized earrings

Since all teenagers have different tastes, we cannot predict with 100% certainty that these are the gifts that your teenager will love. 

To help make it easier, we have compiled a list of tips you should consider while purchasing the perfect earrings gift for a teenager. Read on and take notes.

The Best Earrings for Teenagers Should Match Their Facial Shape.

The perfect earrings should naturally complement the owner’s face shape; This is the golden rule when purchasing earrings. The perfect earrings should be the opposite of the features of your facial features. The recommendable guidelines for purchasing earrings for different face shapes are as below:

  • If they have a round face, choose a shape that elongates the face. Avoid hoops and circular earrings. 
  • Round hoop earrings soften the jawline for people with square faces.
  • People with oval faces can wear almost all styles of earrings but look most striking with oval-shaped dangling earrings.
  • If you are unsure about your teenager’s face shape, go with the diamond stud, it is perfect for all face shapes.

Consider Their Hair Color and Length.

Teenagers are known to experiment with hair color and hair length. We were all teenagers once, and we understand how confusing these years can get. 

Quick question. How many times did you change your hair in high school? I changed mine a lot! 

When choosing the best earrings for teenagers, you should probably avoid making the mistake of buying earrings that mismatch the hairstyle they are currently wearing.

Teenagers with dark hair often prefer platinum-colored earrings, while redhead and blond-haired teenagers may look stunning in gold or rose gold-colored earrings. Shorter hairstyles match all shapes of earrings, but long hair can be tricky. You need to choose earrings that are long and dangling or bright-colored ones that show for teenagers with long hair who prefer to let it down. 

The Earrings Should Complement Their Skin Complexion and Eye Color.

I will let you in on a secret, a poorly kept secret. The best way to emphasize the natural eye color is to wear earrings that match the eyes! An earring that makes their eyes sparkle and stands out could be teenagers’ best gift.

Warm skin undertones look best with gold or warm-colored earrings, while cooler undertones look better with cooler-colored jewelry. Skin undertones can often be checked by a simple skin review or consulting a skin expert.

Keep In Mind the Teenager’s Personality and Interests.

Teenagers have unique personalities and interests, and no size, color, or design fits all. When selecting the best earrings for teenagers, you must look up to their preferences and tastes since their interests change with more fashion ideas in mind. 

For teenagers who like to make bold statements with their styles, sparkly-colored, long dangly earrings would look good. Teenagers with a more reserved personality prefer stud earrings or dull-colored ones that might not attract attention. You could also purchase earrings that match the teenager’s favorite animal or hobby.

What Is the Purpose of the Earring Gift?

It would be best if you kept in mind the reason for the earrings you are purchasing. The purpose might range from everyday wear earrings to those worn for a special occasion. The best earrings for a teenager attending a special event, such as a high school prom dance, might be a sparkly drop earring or a chandelier highlighting the glam factor. However, they might prefer a diamond stud or hoop for everyday wear.

Review Their Existing Earrings Collection Before Making the Purchase

Their existing earrings collection is a perfect guide to their taste and preference when making a gift purchase. Most people, including teenagers, often have a particular preference for jewelry. People prefer a specific shape or color of earrings they are most comfortable wearing.


Choosing the best earrings for teenagers is a task you will undertake once or severally in your lifetime, whether you are a parent or not. The bottom line remains that teenagers are independent and have varying fashion tastes. 

The best advice we can offer today is to check out our other blog posts where we talk about everything earrings! You will have an idea about purchasing the perfect gift.

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