Beach Time Enjoyment: How to Care for Your Feet

Beach Time Enjoyment: How to Care for Your Feet

There’s nothing quite like heading to the beach with family and friends. It’s the memory you’ll likely cherish for a very long time; perhaps even all your life, you’ll think back to those moments and smile. However, there is something that people tend to forget when they have fun at the beach, and all they have to do is look down to remember.

Keeping your feet protected during a day at the beach matters, as there can be many issues for those who neglect their feet and have fun. It’s similar to those who forget to put on their sunscreen and barely feel the sun’s kiss on their skin while swimming. The result is a harrowing week where sunburn rears its ugly head. So, on that note, here’s how to take great care of your feet.

1. Try as much as you can not to go barefoot at the beach

A day at the beach is great and can give you the feeling that you can pretty much do anything. Some people are tempted to even run around the beach barefoot, which can feel fantastic, but you’ll regret your decision soon after. There are a few simple answers for those who don’t quite understand why it’s a bad idea to go barefoot at the beach.

First and foremost, the sand is very hot and has been baking all day long every day. Tempting fate and going barefoot could lead to blisters due to the heat, and keep in mind there’s quite a bit of debris at the beach. It could be argued that sand is just very fine debris, and it won’t always have a pleasant texture.

It would be a good idea to look into the best shoes for the beach to ensure that your feet are as protected as possible.

2. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

It should be a no-brainer that the moment you head out to the beach, you should already have sunscreen all over your body—feet included. Some people take the time to apply sunscreen everywhere except their feet, which isn’t a good idea. The feet are exposed to the sun as much as everything else, especially if you’re wearing something like flip flops, which are common footwear for beach-goers.

If you’re going to enjoy the beach with family and friends, sunscreen should be applied anywhere the sun hits, feet included.

3. Prevent your feet from drying up after your time at the beach

Did you know that sand is an exfoliant? If you’ve been spending all day wandering around the sandy beaches, there’s a good chance your feet will experience drying. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as moisturizing after heading home from the beach. Let the moisturizer soak in, but make sure not to apply too much between the toes.


Protecting your feet during a fun day at the beach is crucial, as you never know what might happen. Thankfully, the above best-practice methods are easy to tackle, and your feet will thank you after the trip.

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