at home cholesterol testing benefits

Good cholesterol levels mean that you have enough of the good and not too much of the bad. Getting a lab test for cholesterol often means scheduling an appointment with your doctor who can then schedule an appointment with the lab to get you tested. These appointments really start to add up. If you have reason to believe that your cholesterol levels are not good, there are options for you that are far more convenient than scheduling multiple appointments. 

Getting tested for cholesterol at home is a simple process. Many at-home kits give you results very quickly after you mail them in. Other tests can give you results in a matter of minutes. These at-home tests are especially helpful for people in rural areas who rely on telemedicine to access care. Here are some of the top benefits of at-home testing for cholesterol:

1. Fast Results

You won’t have to wait for weeks to find out what’s happening in your body. You can even receive results within a matter of days. This means that you can easily share the results with your healthcare provider before you schedule an appointment. This is especially useful for people who want to make changes in their lifestyle but don’t want to wait for an appointment with their doctor.

These can also help people who have been previously diagnosed with high cholesterol levels a way to monitor their cholesterol over time. Is it going up? Going down? Or is it staying the same with medical treatment?

2. No Need to Book a Lab Appointment

Of course, doing cholesterol testing at home means that there is no reason for you to book a lab appointment. Test at home and then mail in the sample and wait for the results. Some companies even offer the option to watch videos from qualified medical professionals on the topic. These can help you learn more about your body and how to make steps to improve your cholesterol if needed. You won’t need to try and figure out how to take time off of work to schedule a lab appointment.

3. Convenient

Testing your cholesterol at home is convenient and fast. Read the instructions with your kit, and then take your sample and mail it in, it’s that easy. The convenience of an at-home test means you can take it any time day or night instead of making more appointments.

4. More Affordable

Going to the doctor costs money. Going to the lab costs money. Going back to the doctor for the lab results also costs money. Using at-home testing is a great way to save money. You won’t have to pay for multiple medical visits just to get your cholesterol numbers. You can even use them to get a quick telemedicine visit if you need additional medical support. Your doctor may recommend medication to help you get your cholesterol levels within a normal range.

5. Helps You Make a Plan to Get Healthy Cholesterol Levels

When you have your cholesterol test results, it’s important to know what they mean and how to use them. If your numbers are high, for example, this may be an indication that you need more exercise or should eat less saturated fat. You could also consult with a doctor about changing medications, getting on medication, or other treatments.

6. Works Great in Conjunction With Telemedicine Appointments

If you aren’t already familiar with telemedicine, it’s an excellent way to get answers about your health without having to go to the doctor. It’s easy, convenient, and more affordable than going in person. Using telemedicine appointments saves a lot of time and can even be more affordable than going in person. These visits work great in conjunction with at-home cholesterol testing kits.

Telemedicine apps allow users to chat with licensed doctors who can assess their symptoms or give advice on what they should do next. Many insurance companies cover these appointments as well. Even if yours doesn’t, it can sometimes be more affordable than paying out of pocket before you meet your deductible.


The benefits of at-home cholesterol testing is clear. You can get fast results, test at times that work for you, and make a plan to get healthy cholesterol levels all by yourself or with the guidance of a telemedicine doctor. This approach is especially helpful for people in rural areas who may not have easy access to medical care. 

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