Ariat Western Clothing: Embrace Your Wild, Wild Side in Style

Ariat Western Clothing: Embrace Your Wild, Wild Side in Style

Are western clothes making a comeback? Yeah, no. They’ve just resurfaced into the mainstream and fashion magazine editorials. But actually, they’ve never left the scene, just kept getting better and better. What was once a pocket designed to hold a timepiece is now a pocket designed to hold a smartphone. What was once a heavily fringed jacket is now an elegant piece of outerwear. The same goes for the elaborate embroidered shirts and boots, and substantial trophy belt buckles. 

With a nod to the past and a grasp of the present, western clothes of today kept functionality in their essence with a change in aesthetics to suit the 21st-century fashion. One of the western apparel brands that successfully keep in step with modern times is Ariat. Ariat clothing is praised all over the world, especially in Australia. Why is Ariat popular, you ask? 

Because whether you’re living or traveling to Australia, you need functional yet comfortable clothes that can stand up to the harsh climate conditions and environments. Since Ariat western clothing is designed to outperform in a wide variety of demanding environments, it’s a logical choice for anyone roaming Australian tundras, outback, or cities.

What’s So Special About Ariat?

Just as the Secretariat, the greatest racehorse of all time, set the Derby record in 1973 and scored Triple Crown, the eponymous Ariat apparel set the industry benchmark for quality and won multiple awards for innovation.

Drawing inspiration from the Secretariat’s competitive spirit, the performance-driven Ariat western clothing raises the bar for functionality and style. With each piece of clothing and footwear being field-tested to ensure it meets and exceeds the brand’s strict quality standards, you can rest assured you’re getting what you’re paying for. 

When shopping for Ariat clothing online or in-store, you’ll notice that there’s a huge line of products to choose from. From tops and bottoms to outerwear and footwear all the way to accessories, you’ll find everything you need to look good and feel good no matter where the day takes you. Whether it’s the office, ranch, or campsite, Ariat apparel offers unmatched versatility and world-class performance you can rely on in every situation. 

But why do people love wearing these western-style clothes so much? Because who wouldn’t want to look like a cowboy? *tips cowboy hat* Just kidding, people love wearing western-style clothes because it gives them a sense of confidence and freedom. It’s casual yet stylish, comfy yet rugged, perfect for virtually any occasion. There’s nothing not to love about Ariat. 

How to Dress Like a Cowboy?

And without looking like you’re wearing a costume, pulling off a modern country or western look is tricky because it’s like all the cowboy bits and bobs are just begging you to overdo it. That’s why Ariat is your safest bet.

With each piece being inspired by the wild, wild west yet elegantly tamed, you can embrace your inner cowboy or cowgirl in style without alarming the fashion police or looking like a young John Wayne. So what does every modern cowboy need?


First on the list are the traditional shirts. Ariat has an extensive line of western shirts for both men and women, ideal for work and everyday wear. While the elaborate embroidery has ridden off into the sunset, there are still some traditional motifs to be seen in Ariat’s button-down shirt collection. Combining premium materials and quality construction, Ariat shirts are an everyday wardrobe staple for any cowboy who wants to feel good and look good.

Denim Jeans

Second, you can’t have a western outfit without a quality pair of jeans. Ariat’s denim collection features a wide variety of designs covering all virtually all body types and styles. So, whether you’re in for a slim, relaxed, loose, or straight fit, you’re bound to find the perfect match. What’s special about Ariat jeans is that they’re finished by denim artists that give each and every pair a unique look.


Then, you’ll need something to keep you warm when the temperatures drop. Traditional cowboy jackets featured fringe which allowed the garments to shed rain and dry faster. However, when browsing Ariat clothing Australia-wide, you’ll see that this rather showy feature is gone with the wind just as tumbleweed. Instead, there are premium wind-proof, waterproof, and moisture-wicking fabrics to keep your nice and toasty when the weather turns ugly.


Next, nothing says there’s a cowboy in a town like a pair of western boots from Stridewise. An absolute must-have for any modern country outfit, Ariat’s cowboy boots are built to last the distance. When shopping for Ariat boots, you’ll be literally spoiled for choice. From the staple Heritage western boots to the ropers all the way to the hiking all-terrain boots and steel toe work boots, Ariat caters to all styles and needs. 


Last but not least, the accessories. Now, this is where you need to be most careful since accessories can make or break your outfit. If you want to play it safe, top off your look with a traditional hat and round it all together with an elegant belt. That’s it, call it a day and leave the wild rag or bolo tie for some other combination. 

Ready to do some shopping? If so, it’s time to look for Ariat stores and authorized dealers in your area and give yourself a wild, wild makeover. 

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