Adventures in Atlantic City

Adventures in Atlantic City

New Jersey’s legendary resort city may not be the first destination to spring to mine when it comes to having a dream vacation, but it should be. This 24-hour city is a treasure trove of entertainment, world-class cuisine and, of course, that iconic Boardwalk.

Read on to discover the adventures that lie waiting in Atlantic City.

When to Visit

AC is one of those cities that you can visit at different times of the year and enjoy a whole new experience each time. Summer is the best time to visit if you want to take full advantage of the beach – and maybe brave a paddle in the ocean!

Temperatures are mild during spring and fall and these are the ideal seasons in which to explore the city. As with most east coast cities, winter isn’t really the best time to visit, but accommodation and flights are generally cheaper during the colder seasons.

Where to Stay

Atlantic City is the perfect destination for a mini-break, and deciding where to stay all depends on what type of vacation you’d like to have. The city is compact enough that you can explore it at your leisure, but when it comes to accommodation, there are three distinct vibes here:

Resort AC – encompassing the Boardwalk area, this part of AC is more akin to its early days as a resort town. It’s a vibrant locale and in the heart of the action.

Marina District – On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Marina District. This is the area to choose if you want a more leisurely vibe during your stay. Discover the lovely Gardner’s Basin as well as plenty of other picturesque walking spots.

Downtown AC – Inland from the beach, you’ll find Downtown AC, which is more residential than the boardwalk area. In terms of accommodation, the area isn’t too crowded, and there are great places to shop too.

What to Do

While you might think of Las Vegas as the place for casino gaming on US soil, Atlantic City comes close. In fact, it’s the most prominent city for real money gaming on the east coast.

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is where you’ll find New Jersey’s best casinos and gaming rooms. There are nine casinos here, including Caesars and the Borgata. If you’d like to get to grips with casino games before you visit, there are plenty of online resources to take advantage of. You may not learn how to beat Roulette overnight, but you’ll learn enough not to look out of place on the casino floor.

And speaking of the Boardwalk, might we suggest that you take a leisurely stroll here at sunset? The views are truly something else!

Of course, being part of the Garden State means that AC has some marvelous coastline to explore. You’ll be pleased to know that the beaches here are free to use, and there are plenty of adrenaline-fuelled activities to try out, including kayaking and surfing.

Once you’ve had your fill of sunbathing and strolling the Boardwalk eating saltwater taffy, head to the Steel Pier to enjoy its old-school rides and arcade games.

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