adjectives to describe a person

Do you remember the time you tried to describe someone to a friend or family member but couldn’t quite find the right words? Maybe it was someone who you really liked or someone who made your life miserable. However, you struggled to depict their personality traits that affected you deeply.

If you want to avoid a similar situation in the future, check out this list of adjectives to describe a person.

Adjectives Are Good

Adjectives Are Good

Expressing yourself is important. Not only because your opinion matters (and it really does) but also because it is good for your mental health. However, without adjectives, it would be difficult to say how you feel about a person.

There are two types of adjectives we will talk about — positive adjectives and negative adjectives. Positive adjectives help you describe a good person in more detail and say what exactly about their character you admire. On the other hand, negative adjectives are descriptive words that you can use to talk about someone in a bad way.

So, let’s dive in and learn some words that will help you better express yourself both in conversation and writing.

Positive Adjectives to Describe a Person

Positive Adjectives

You can use positive adjectives to bring out the best in others. For instance, a carefully chosen word can lift someone’s spirit and make their day. So, try using these 100+ positive adjectives to describe a person as often as possible.

adaptable amusing compassionate
admirable brave conscientious
adorable bright considerate
adventurous broad-minded convivial
affable calm courageous
affectionate careful courteous
agreeable captivating creative
ambitious charming cute
amiable classy decisive
amicable communicative determined
diligent fair-minded good
diplomatic faithful gregarious
discreet fascinating hard-working
dynamic fearless helpful
easygoing forceful honest
emotional frank humorous
empathetic friendly imaginative
energetic funny impartial
enthusiastic generous independent
exuberant gentle intellectual
intelligent neat polite
interesting nice powerful
intuitive optimistic practical
inventive passionate pro-active
kind patient quick-witted
loving persistent quiet
lovable pioneering rational
loyal philosophical reliable
magnetic placid remarkable
modest plucky reserved
resourceful sociable unassuming
romantic straightforward understanding
self-confident sympathetic unique
self-disciplined sweet versatile
sensible thoughtful warmhearted
sensitive tidy willing
shy tough witty
sincere trustworthy

Without loving and encouraging words such as these, we would only be able to make generic statements that tell facts but nothing more. For this reason, here are some examples of how you can use positive adjectives in a sentence.

• Mark is tough. He can handle anything life throws at him.

• Susan is both patient and persistent. So, I believe she can achieve anything she sets her mind on.

• Tom is shy around strangers, but you’ll see how witty he is once you get to know him.

• I have the best husband ever. He is so romantic and passionate.

Negative Adjectives to Describe a Person

Negative Adjectives

Unfortunately, life isn’t always positive, and sometimes we need to say something negative about a person. But while some adjectives on this list will be bad in any context, others might depend on the situation.

For example, saying that your boss is aggressive is a negative personality trait, while calling a boxer aggressive can be positive. Still, try to remember that using the words on the following list may hurt someone’s feelings, even though you speak the truth.

So, here are 100+ adjectives that will help you describe negative personality traits.

abrasive boring contemptuous
aggressive bossy cowardly
aloof callous cruel
apathetic cantankerous cunning
arrogant careless cynical
bad-tempered changeable deceitful
belligerent clinging detached
big-headed compulsive dishonest
boastful conceited dogmatic
bone-idle condescending domineering
envious gullible inflexible
fickle harsh interfering
finicky impatient intolerant
flaky impolite irresponsible
flirtatious impulsive jealous
foolish inconsiderate judgemental
foolhardy inconsistent lazy
fussy indecisive Machiavellian
greedy indiscreet materialistic
grumpy indolent mean
miserly overcritical quarrelsome
moody overemotional quick-tempered
morose parsimonious resentful
narcissistic patronizing rude
narrow-minded perverse ruthless
nasty pessimistic sarcastic
naughty pompous secretive
nervous possessive selfish
obsessive petty self-centered
obstinate pusillanimous self-indulgent
silly truculent unreliable
sneaky touchy untidy
stingy thoughtless vulgar
stubborn untrustworthy vague
stupid unforgiving vain
superficial unkind vengeful
tactless unpredictable weak-willed
timid unreliable

While reading the list of positive adjectives probably made you smile, this second list might have made you think about sad, unpleasant, and unhappy situations and emotions. However, when you need to describe bad people or negative personality traits, this is how you can use adjectives from our list.

• Anna is so vain. Since she got promoted, she won’t even say hello to us anymore.

• John is very stubborn. He won’t change his opinion no matter what you say to him.

• I hate that my sister is so gullible. I’m afraid someone might use it against her.

• I’d be cautious around David if I were you. He is a dishonest person.

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